Old and wrinkly


So today i got this achievement

Subject Achievement received: Years of Service (Gold - Level 8)
Sent Oct 21, 2017 20:22:05
8 Years of Service!

Congratulations on joining Tribal Wars 8 years ago!

Here's something small to celebrate with: 100 Premium Points!

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Which makes me both a little sad, and a little proud.

I remember a time when id boast how long id played this game, asif it were stripes and stars on a generals uniform, just another way for us gamers to wip it out and compare sizes.
But as time goes on i tend to be less forthcoming, perhaps im feeling old, i find it intresting either way.

i created the d1 account 8 years ago to play with some friends on w4, dunno if anyone rembers it but i played in bi?. At this time i was a acomplished late game player with the whole "start up ppl are noobs" mentality, (think abdo touched on this ideoligy in other thread), anyways, its here i met grant n miggy on the smile acc, and from thier began to assosiate with players better than myself at the start up phases of the game and inturn i embraced the forums and community, beyond the ego's and trolls many of the nasty fuckers you meet in game and on forums are really sound.

But then i think back even further, my tw'ing didnt even begin on d1, heck it wasnt even my 1st uk world in actuality, we have to go all the way back to around a year into w4.net for those dusty memories, all things added up and considering the breaks in play i need the "been playing tw for 12-13 years" achievement, which is testiment to both the addictiveness of this game and i suppose my apparent distaste for real hobbies, commited relationships and sleep, alas, still ticking over eh.

anywho, just a bit of remanising and a shout out to fellow addicts, how long have other peeps been around? do i have any oap style competition for longest addiction???


it saying 9 years on mine but its been longer than that tbh started 2007 i was on holiday in sunny spain at my sisters her son got me to start up and help him ,it must of been about two weeks later when did not have a clue want i was doing then i spotted these 4 cross swords coming next min my villages was no more . so when i got back home in england i right im going to restart and get my village back lol that was world 1.
meet some really nice people on there end up in a tribe could w1n the rest is as they say history .thanks to
luke bishop ,codywasnevergood, gypsyvixcent, haphaz,rizla1796 for helping out and im still learning to play lol
was nick11/ now go by the name undertaker


I’ve got 8 too. It’s only us oldies still posting here.


Mines just about to hit 9, Im pretty sure uk is only 9 years old


I started .net 1st, 9 years ago then I came here as my state co had to stop playing.

Lost my password for my forum A/c so I go by my new baby daughters name.




I had to get my password given to me by an admin when I returned...Didnt have a clue what it was


haha yea i had a similar encounter, which became even more difficult as id been the clever fool who used a temp email address to set up the acc.

@Rosa aye the nightbonus is nice for non co'd accounts, i am a bit of a nationalist at heart but what made me stay was the uk script rules, if someone manualy launches 10000 attacks at me ill respect thier efforts and manualy deal with them, but when someone does the 1 click mass attack script it seems shit that one is oblidged to commit so much time and effort as a defender when non was required on the attackers part.


Hello started on net 24 and then Uk1 all a very long time ago.
Nice to see some familiar names on here.


I got that too
It really doesnt feel like 8 years since UK1

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Apparently I'm a walking fossil. I don't actively play UK so mine is net.

I do wonder what my UK time is though.



Years of Service (Gold - Level 8)
Play Tribal Wars for 8 years.

Next level: Play Tribal Wars for 9 years.


Yep, mine was 8 years too. I had a sudden desire to start this reply with "During the war".............. Along with an uncontrollable urge for hob-nobs and tea!!!!
Frankly l think they should email everybody who was still alive on W1 when it ended, reopen it, and make it 100% dominance. Oh boy l would be so up for that!!!


Played from w2-w13 . then drifted away for few years and now back on TW .
have things changed ?

I can still recognise a few names and hello to the 'oldies

A difference noted is lack of banter or activity on forums . There used to be brilliant and mad rants , . The mods were kept mighty busy infracting . This world forum seems in torpor .

Anyways , just started on this world and yes farming is hard work, especially with a zimmer frame . My neighbours don't talk much . I applied to join a tribe and didn't get a reply . I briefly joined a rim tribe and clocked on after 10 mins that the duke was comatose . Posted query in tribe forum . No tribe member replied . Maybe they were all awol. Ahh the good ol days when tribes were tribes
Are peeps more insular nowadays or is it just a different generation of players ?

sorry for the rant . going back now to my cocoa and ginger snaps


Started w1 but only got 8 years think Feb it goes to 9 like


How did you get your old password back Cold Fusion? I would love to get my old forum account back. This is a new name and now I am playing the US server, Havent played since uk2 :O


How did you get your old password back Cold Fusion? I would love to get my old forum account back. This is a new name and now I am playing the US server, Havent played since uk2 :O
i opened a ticket, once proved i was me was all good

@gypsyvixcent yea id so do w1 again, what a laugh that was from start to finish