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    Sep 8, 2009
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    Top 10 Tribes as it stand, what are your predictions for the next couple of weeks/months [TABLE="class: vis"]

    [TH="width: 60"]Rank[/TH]
    [TH="width: 60"]Tribe name[/TH]
    [TH="width: 120"]Points of the best 25 players[/TH]
    [TH="width: 60"]Total points[/TH]
    [TH="width: 100"]Members[/TH]
    [TH="width: 100"]Points per player[/TH]
    [TH="width: 60"]Villages[/TH]
    [TH="width: 100"]Points per village[/TH]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]1[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]grump[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.688.902[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.791.044[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]30[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]59.701[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]300[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]5.970[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]2[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]THB[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.511.398[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.579.526[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]28[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]56.412[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]266[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]5.938[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]3[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]THB.[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.328.658[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.376.941[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]28[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]49.176[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]245[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]5.620[/TD]
    [TR="class: lit"]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]4[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]=B=[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]986.494[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.044.916[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]30[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]34.831[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]190[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]5.500[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]5[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]IK[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]981.201[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]1.084.934[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]30[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]36.164[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]210[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]5.166[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]6[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]SoD[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]865.783[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]877.192[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]27[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]32.489[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]154[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]5.696[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]7[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]APOC[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]444.097[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]447.415[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]27[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]16.571[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]104[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]4.302[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]8[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]oB[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]442.592[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]457.735[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]30[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]15.258[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]111[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]4.124[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]9[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]IK2[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]418.481[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]431.692[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]29[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]14.886[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]97[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]4.450[/TD]

    [TD="class: lit-item"]10[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]RAO[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]394.967[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]394.967[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]22[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]17.953[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]95[/TD]
    [TD="class: lit-item"]4.158
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    IK will reach rank 1 and stay there for a few weeks and then a new tribe of .net or UK pros will come along and wipe the floor with them :p
  3. Gabriel Pope

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    I don't quite know what's going to go on yet. All I know is that I know nothing about the activities of Grump. Have they actually done anything yet?
  4. Gabriel Pope

    Gabriel Pope Guest

    Also, do you realize that this table is about 56% screwed up?
  5. Cheyane

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    Yeah I see that now sorry :) now fixed and updated
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