Premium Points Usage


What PP usage is deemed respectable among the top players?

I sold resources for Premium Account and Loot Assistant, but I also halved Smithy times and Academy.

I've slagged the 'sheikhs' in the past who appear out of nowhere.

Do I deserve some slagging for the Smithies and Academy?

Am I complicit?


depends on the stage of the game, within the first few weeks its almost impossible to be top 20 without heavy pp expenditure, so assuming people judge each other with at least thier own standards in mind, thousands and thousands of pp would be deemed fine amongst the top rankers.

for other peoples opinions i imagine its a very perspective based thing, if you dont use pp at all then your likely to draw a line in the sand n say any pp spent is baaad
if ur a moderate user your probably accepting of those who spend nothing, totaly down with moderate usage as you yourself are that guy, but proly still cringe at those chucking 20000 pp at a world for rank 1.

The only line ive seen kinda develop amongst heavy pp users are those who purchase 10000 pp to do well on a world, and those who generated 10000 pp via previous worlds selling res, with the latter being a tad more "respectable", however thier is always the hard liners who will correctly point out if it aint rule breaking its all good.

Personally i think we all set our own standards of play, ive always been a opponent of pp expenditure and imagine i always will be, dont get me wrong, ive top 5'd in a pp world with 0 pp expenditure vs heavy users, and ive also halved or even quartered (cuz lvl 30 farm can just go die) buildings where ive not been chasing ranks at all, but ive never been a silly spender and would totaly advocate for removal of micro transactions (never gunna happen) or just the occasional non micro world (highly doubtful)
pp sucks, but thiers still plenty of dummies to berate so if u wanna chuck a 100 pp on them final farm n smith lvls, thiers bigger fish to fry :D


Maybe I shouldn't answer as I don't think I'd be considered a 'top player', but I do do respectably well and have been in the winning tribe on at least a couple of worlds. As d1mension said, there are times when we give into temptation because we just can't wait for a building to finish building - or it will finish when you'll be out/asleep/travelling and you're not able to queue the academy after the smithy etc. Given that you have probably acquired the resources ethically this will probably not lead to eternal hellfire and damnation. The next step on the slippery track is when you are in a desperate situation against much bigger players and you have begged and borrowed support from all your tribe mates and you weigh your conscience up against using your friends' troops effectively with the possibility of getting a few more levels on the wall. Haven't we all been there ?

While there may be a slippery slope, personally I think that there are two areas where PP expenditure is bending the game, even if it does not ultimately save bad players. One is the person who routinely spams their walls back up when they are being attacked - paying to armour plate their villages. The other is where people buy resources to build their villages or train troops up more quickly. If you are doing this, it must surely affect how you feel about your achievements in the game, unless you are only focused on the others in the world doing the same.

On the other hand....

There are now a lot of other advantages for older players. A tribe mate who restarted was pleased to find he still had his pallies with their resource bonuses. He also has flags and some buffs in store. The newbie starting next to him could be getting at least 20% less resources from the get-go, even before allowing for him not knowing how to maximise production. For the newbies, is this not a bigger obstacle than excessive PP use is for more experienced players ?