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Do you Even Lift

Points 6/10 - 3 months in from join date probably should be bigger then you are.

Tribe 7/10 - Good Position, Nice spread and plenty of potential growth areas

OD...6/10 - Not great but around where it should be for size i suppose, yet to be tested in defense

Positioning 7/10 - Nice spread if heads north-north/east he has good back line area to nuke/defend from untouchable from tribes up there

Reputation 3/10 - Not really heard of him not seen much on forums from him don't seem to have done anything in the past at least with his current account.

Prospects 6/10 - Positionally great if the tribe makes the right directional choices for the members to follow but does the player have the skill to be a real prospect IDK we will see i suppose.

35/60 Good prospect just weather the player is aggressive enough to fulfill it

Rate - Mivanoski



Points 10/10 - Rank two without as many internals and barb nobles as those around you.

Tribe 10/10 - Good Position, nicely spread and doing well against other large tribes. Seem well disciplined and organised after what happened when THB split.

OD 10/10 - Rank 2 OD and rank 1 ODA says enough

Positioning 8/10 - Nice spread and positions in lots of different areas, gives lots of different locations to grow into, however some vills away from his/her tribe

Reputation 7/10 - Unfamiliar account name, however I know you from UK2 and you were a ruthless player and one of the better ones I've played with.

Prospects 9/10 - Good locations, good tribe. Everything looks good and see no reasons why you cannot make it until the end of UK20 in the winning tribe


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