Report Converter for W4?

Discussion in 'UK 4 [World Closed - Win Condition 100% Tribal Dom' started by ulairi, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. ulairi

    ulairi New Member

    Feb 25, 2010
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    I'm having trouble in getting my usual range of report converters to work with W4 - needed as I am running on an external forum, but will also be handy for any players without PP too.

    I suspect there may have been small changes made to the report formatting in V6, so the converters are having trouble. I don't remember seeing "battle strength" on earlier worlds, for instance.

    Anyone got a report converter that is working with W4 reports?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. JustThink

    JustThink Guest

    I got polish converter but i don't now whether it will work in UK ;x
    I test and told you ^^
  3. JustThink

    JustThink Guest

    No it's not work...
    Search with uncle Google ^^
  4. mrchief

    mrchief Guest

    Try UK1 compatable converters they may work
  5. Zalastian

    Zalastian Guest

    My script for uploading isn't working (it is on but not here or but you can still go to the website and copy in the info the old fasioned way.
  6. Doesn't work we tried it! :icon_confused:
  7. Zalastian

    Zalastian Guest

    Works for me
    (Looks normal on the tribe forums)
  8. JustThink

    JustThink Guest

    Yes its work on the tribe forum, but on this forum don't ;s