Script Rules and Approval Submission Instructions

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Dear players,

Please read this post very carefully - you are required to follow the guidelines here when using scripts in the game. You should bear in mind this forms a part of the rules you agreed to when you created your account.

It remains the players responsibility to make sure all scripts they use and all scripts they have on the quickbar comply with our rules and that they are approved for use on the UK server. This applies whether or not you use the script and whether or not it is used via the quickbar.

Please refer to the forum post here for a summary list of approved scripts. Every approved script is also located in the Approved script area of the forums so this is the main source of verification. If its there in the Approved section then you can use it. If it is not, then you can be banned for using it.

Anything not explicitly found in the approved script section of the forum is considered illegal for use on UK

It remains YOUR OWN responsibility to check if the script you are using is legal on our game version, and if you do happen to use a script that is not legal then you will face punishment.

ALL farming scripts and methods not currently in the approved script area are illegal for use. ALL fake scripts are illegal on the UK server.

Full UK Script Rules for submission

You can submit a script for approval here and it will be considered by the team. Until it is approved, you may not use it. Remember, you can do a simple search on the top bar of the forums for your script to see if it is approved. Just because a script is legal on other versions of Tribal Wars, it does not mean it will be legal here.

All scripts must be approved by the Support Team. If a script is not already approved (please check the approved scripts first) then it is NOT legal to use.

You can submit a script not already approved for it to be considered. We aim to approve or deny script requests within 7 days but it can take longer. Until you have a decision, do NOT use the script. If you do, you can be banned.

The following guidance applies to scripts, so please make sure the script you are requesting fits these requirements :
  • All userscripts (greasemonkey/tampermonkey/…) or tools (such as extensions/browser addons) with similar behaviour are forbidden.
  • Scripts can only perform one action per click with the exception of renaming commands, villages or report titles.
  • Scripts may not interact with the Farm Assistant without specific approval from the Tribal Wars team
  • A script may not automatically send information or react to an event on your account
  • A script may not focus or click the Attack, Support or Ok button on the rally point / attack confirmation page.
  • Scripts can not send an attack on your behalf and may not be used to send troops automatically or with fewer clicks than usual.
  • A script may not interact with the Premium Exchange
  • All private scripts are disallowed. Only approved, public scripts may be used
  • Only scripts that are not obfuscated will be considered. This means the source must be fully readable.
The Tribal Wars team may disapprove scripts at their own discretion, even if the script adheres to the rules outlined above.

Kind Regards

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