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Champions from near and far, hear the news! The Spectaculum is back!
So once again, come and fight for fame and fortune!
Join the Spectaculum!

Dear players,

the Spectaculum returns! But thanks to your feedback it changed significantly and is better than ever! The tourney will start on August 23 at 12:00 and run for 14 days, ending on September 6.

Below you will find an explanation on what changed. Also make sure to watch our video!

We wish you all good luck in the tournament ahead!

Your Tribal Wars Team

Join the Arena!
The Spectaculum is a world wide tournament, in which every player is in charge of a champion. Your task is to compete in duels and improve your champion's skills to defeat your comeptition. A duel is initiated as soon as you select one of the possible opponents which are presented to you in the arena. In each duel your champion's skills will be compared to that of his opponent. Whoever can win two of the three competitions will win the duel.

Winning a duel yields trophies, which you can spend in the event shop in exchange for powerful items, as well as a skill point. These skill points can be used to increase your champion's skills and therefore chances in the upcoming duels. For each successful duel he will also receive ranking points. These determine your champion's ranking in the tournament. To keep the fights fair champions will be paired with others from their league, to make sure he faces similarly skilled opponents. Winning duels will result in the champion rising into higher leagues, with more difficult opponents but also higher rewards as additional trophies will be awarded once a day, depending on the league your champion is in.

But duels are a tough process and you champion will get hurt an fatigued. To patch him up after each duel you will need special tinctures. Every battle will consume one bottle and once you run out you will need to wait until your squires have acquired new ones. Which will take some time.

Earn Rewards!
For your position in the leagues and every won duel your champion earns trophies. There are also two questlines which can yield additional trophies if you fulfill them during the event.One requires you to train your champion, while the other depends on your placement in the daily rankings. The trophies your champion has earned can then be exchanged in the event shop for valuable rewards. Take a look and don't wait too long! After the event has ended the event shop will remain open for 48 hours. After that the event and all event currency earned will be removed.

We hope you enjoy our event and wish you and your champion good luck in the tournament!
We are also looking forward to your feedback, which you can provide in this thread.
Your Tribal Wars Team
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