The Big Dawg?

Discussion in 'UK45 Win Condition Age Of Enlightenment' started by Cold-Fusion, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    So, I had a brief stint on w44 on a friends account. Here I cam across a legendary player known as DaBigDawg. After some lovely pleasant conversation I began to reminisce about the olden days when Zeus himself requested I come and sit on Mount Olympus due to my unrivaled Tribal Wars abilities. Alas, lil doggo would not believe I owned the aliases I stated and instead began to flex his own ego and challenged me... CHALLENGED ME?!?!?!?!

    Unfortunately the original messages are lost forever but the challenge was a simple one... First person to reach 10 villages on w45 was the superior player.

    Naturally some pleasantries were exchanged as I moved into a commanding lead early doors (I think I had an academy before lil doggo reached 1k)

    2 weeks later I had reached 7/8 villages and was feeling confident I was edging ever closer to victory.. I checked lil doggo's rank and what do I see?? HE STILL HASNT NOBLED!! Naturally I message him to see if he's okay...

    Sadly, just a mere 24 hours later the almighty DaBigDawg had not only failed to noble... HE HAD BEEN NOBLED!

    I just felt like this thread was super necessary as he hasn't been responding to my messages and I need attention :(

    I hope one day you can become good enough to clean my stables little man.

    Thanks for the "challenge"

    Much love,
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