The good, the bad and the ugly


Yep great movie title but down to facts.

i took a break from Tw as i had been playing for years and needed a rest. I had had an amazing time on W7 and thoroughly loved the many years previous on here and . net (The Good)

When i left there were a few changes on the horizon that worried me and i was hoping the system would not degenerate into the thousands of other coin or gem based systems out there (The bad)

I have now come back and been playing less than a week and had some conversations on this world with some old friends from the worlds and I hate what the game has been turned into. there is an ever growing list of idiot ideas from buying resource to the loss of attack ID's that have turned the game into a mindless swamp that is only interested in getting the user to spend as much money as possible (The Ugly)

so The days where there was screens of threads on the externals and people having a good laugh are gone.

The days of experienced players using their skill to outgrow and out pace their neighbor and use attack id's to accurately defend as a single player are gone.

we are left with the game now a mindless PP (gem / Coin) system that only requires you to spend money and lets be honest there are thousands of games like that out there. TW used to be different, which is why it had the huge following.

So TW have managed to achieve something that i was thinking i never would. they have made the game so appalling it no longer has any drive for me to keep coming back; and those long term players have always struggled to keep away from the game i think will soon have no issues forgetting it.

so have fun to any old hands reading this from the tribes and worlds i have played in over the last 7 years.

It was a blast :swordsman:



TT first thing I have to agree with you about and sadly it seems it will be the last TW has lost yet another loyal member ...time to start turning down the lights boys I see more leaving soon.


Got to agree with you TT, i have made a killing selling RES, but thats not what this game was about. I don't what we say will change the way the powers that run TW because theres always a few new player joining new worlds that won't have known how the game used to be.

So long and take care.

And Pabs i might catch up with you on skype sometime are you sure you don't want to come out of retirement, i could do with a decent co player so ask your Rob whats he's doing!!!! hehe


Sorry to see you go HAHA (JOKE)

the classic worlds are still the same as the old ones you can not buy your way to the top


Pablo, nice to hear from you. If TW do run a "classic" world without the PP rubbish, happy to get together with the old boys for a laugh and play properly, but i will never be back to this buy your way to the top system

The Rover

Thing is, IG wont stop their direction as for every satisfied player gone who was playing TW from the beginning (or at least several years) is being replaced by 2 or more kids who do consider spending their money on various game features in order to compensate their lack of skill (i.e. buy flags to get advantages) time (farm assistant or account manager) or account partners. They dont even mind playing worlds with totally foozled settings at all.
Thats the fact i think and this policy definitely will continue as InnoGames is a profit-orientated company which has to feed their employees and run other projects like tribalwars II., grepolis and their newest one - 'Rising General'.

if you dont like the way TW is developing, get the f**k out. At least that's what IG is treating like to a bunch of longtime clients. But that's their business agenda and it will work out i suppose as the majority of longtime clients grow up and drop TW anyway due to their real life issues (job, family etc)

btw saw that western movie again just yesterday what a great one!


Agreed - the business model is not going away any time soon, espeically because the next generation has been groomed to accept IAPs through the iPhone and the rest. It's just the way it is. not sure it's worth pulling the plug over it - Just think of it like golf with a handicap, it's an extra challenge. If you can beat the 'gemmers' then it shows you are a much better player than them. Look in the market, you'll see which of your neighbours are paying for resources - and then just make sure you have the last laugh.