Hello Community! :)

Its been many years since i last played TW. So i apologise if this has been asked, or something that is practice.

Roughly 10 maybe even 15 years ago, a pretty well known tribe made a forum post requesting the community gets together for the next world and make it themed.
They had suggested every one themes it LOTR. And i think in total there was about 20 tribes that signed up for this. And it was well organised. Each tribe picked a name a few weeks before the new world started, and depending on which name you had (for example Rohan), meant you had to join the server server at a set time. (So the tribe which took Mordor was the Core, and then i think Isengard joined the server 3 hours later, then Gondor aditionally 3 hours later in the south and so on).

I think that server had a 60 person tribe limit as well? I cant fully remember its been so long.
I remember it being really fun though. And entire tribes used new accounts to have themed names. I think i was Hobbit32, LOL!
Of cource there were tribes and players that just wernt involved, but eventually allot of people who wernt aware of the forum post, quickly caught on, and followed suit.

Does the community still do this? Or has it been done recently?
If not, does some one fancy starting this for W51?
Maybe a Game of Thrones theme? Or just UK Counties?

Cheers! <3


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I don’t remember this specifically, was it on an English speaking server? One of my favourites for a real change was the world where everyone was randomly allocated a tribe upon joining in the first 3 months, there were no premades. Overall I think feelings were pretty mixed on the world so nothing like it has been tried again sadly.