Top 10 point whores!!!


Guys, do you SENSE that things got a little bit more quiet and peaceful around here? Any idea why?


Well its no thanks to you trying to antagonise Matt for no reason what so ever. I was hoping you might have been a tad quieter after we kicked you out the uk team, but alas your drivel continues.
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adrian the big spammer :lol:, thats how you get 1k posts kakakakaa


d1mension talking crap again as always Nice to see you again missed you from world 13 mate lets hope your tribe does better than last time


I can never shut up its a amazing gift :D but if you buy me kfc that should keep me quiet for a few hours lol


d1mension talking crap again as always Nice to see you again missed you from world 13 mate lets hope your tribe does better than last time
outing you as being plain bad is me talking sense, not crap...

don't get all confident and self sure just because your spear nuking reports have long since expired.



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Barb Nobling Record??[/h]
Step forward D1mension.

Now many people over the years have debated whether to barb or not to barb, but this really does take that whole topic to a new level.

Barbs nobled today by D1 currently stand at 59, yes that really is the number - 59!!!

So to salute such a super human effort, lets take a walk down memory lane and look at a little bit of history.

Total Conquers - 587

Barbs nobled - 157
Internals - 184
XpRd war - 10 - this says alot!!

Now in fairness that does leave over 200 caps, from random players, but without knowing the history, these were probably mostly gifts from players outside of his tribe that were quitting.

Having a look at these stats tells us alot about the man, not the myth/externals presence.

Rumour would have it, that this player has outstanding abilities, but in reality the truth is somewhat different. What we see is someone who can outpace others when it comes to internals and Barbs. The speed at which he can put down the mighty grey ones looks unprecedented. But when it comes to war, well.....

10 Caps in the ongoing world war, yes that really does say 10!!!!

So D1 I salute you, only one day may I be able to follow your prolific slaying of the undefended.

And to finish and ode to D1

D1, is great, D1 is Best,
Oh pray he put his nobles to rest
Grey ones he does slay,
More internals I dare say
D1 is the Hero of the Day
But when it comes to action
The war is becoming a distraction
As being a barb nobling noob is his biggest attraction.​




Barb whore criticizes point whore lol
good player criticizes bad player you mean ;)

i find it moderatly laughable that a player who buries his head in the sand and throws me a acc sit for a 5mil+ account just because they had 100 ish incomings has the cheek to ride in on his high horse n get all defensive.

but yea if it makes you feel better

*Rodger is UBER Pro wid mad skillzzz"