Top 20 Tribes + Top 20 accounting for families.


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Week 6 update :)

RankTribe nameTotal pointsMembersPoints per playerVillagesPoints per village
1 N.2.S481.8291532.122965.019
2 Copy.410.8481527.390884.669
3 Take407.7911429.128834.913
4 V.A363.6571524.244794.603
5 E.2.W345.6241523.042784.431
6 Copy335.7051522.380754.476
7 Elite!320.3081521.354694.642
8 A.V318.5221521.235764.191
9 Elites282.1731518.812634.479
10 TBB276.0631419.719564.930
11 L3G0272.3831518.159654.191
12 BAG207.7851513.852523.996
13 Tsu206.8651513.791514.056
14 TONIC205.5221315.809474.373
15 Holy!204.2881513.619523.929
16 GIN189.3091215.776424.507
17 Holy181.4751412.963454.033
18 -?N?-179.4911412.821483.739
19 BRQ176.2451412.589444.006
20 SPICY2171.3251511.422453.807





Things continue to heat up. A new #1 family takes the lead with directional (N.2.S) taking over. the building blocks family drops from rank 2 and loses Duplo almost completely with majority ending up in E.2W. (more to come on that). TBB shoots up with some of the top players joining the ranks including at the top rank 1 player. LvR is now gone with members moving to Tonic to work with GIN. Take has begun to noble some of copys villages showing that this war between the two tribes that have been at the top for a long time will finally happen.

So for the N.2.S / Building block / Copy drama.

It was brought to my attention, the building block family as big as they were (they did rival Copy in size) was always in the world planned end game merge/food for Copy having done a similar agreement in W50 with NHS. What happened is many in Duplo decided this was not something they were interested in doing anymore and thus the mass migration to bump E.2.W and bring the directional family to rank 1 essentially (however counting the building blocks under the Copy family puts them back on top). Copy has a very strong NAP/Ally list as well so potentially very little rivals in this world outside of Take and potentially the directional family now after poaching the members who are interested in winning and not being apart of Copys internal list.

Now N.2.S can be argued to be the #1 family (however future updates will likely include building blocks apart of the copy family for these reasons), but the issues that have been prevalent on this world show N.2.S is not going to be an easy tribe to work with even if you already have diplomacy with them. One of the biggest to fall recently was the LvR family (remaining members split among directional family, gin, tsu, av etc) and many being eaten by N2S and a few.

Similar with what happened between the Bro family and Copy family becoming hostile after the NAP disintegrated, this LvR and N2S dispute again began over a barbarian village. However this barb was from a former N2S player who went inactive and barbed. Members in LvR noticed this and were cautious before not seeing any from N2S or other local tribe AV not move on it nuked and nobled it. This then caused N2S reach out (as the village was nobled in 1 attack) and being NAPs at the time work out an agreement where the newly capped barb would be gifted back to N2S in return for a clearing of a new village to be conquered. Drama continued as this new target was then nobled by a different member in N2S and the responses from them became few and far in between before N2S admitting the NAP was always going to end and LvR was going to be hit eventually by N2S with the barb just being an easy excuse to start (and members admitting ops were already in place for LvR members). In the end LvR is gone and N2S has grown considerably since the last update.

Current Wars/Skirmishes.

Copy - Take has started off, very little caps to show for it, but many nukes and def has been eliminated. Take has 4 members with 100K odd gained the past 3 days starting this thursday. whereas the oda gains started wednesday for Take hitting hard again sunday after a brief pause friday/saturday with 3 members over 100k oda gain. Copy has seen misericordia gain 168k odd and 3 copy. members gaining over 100k with Mr Toxic leading both tribes seemingly the biggest target with 372K odd with 1 village lost. Overall it looks to be Take the main agressor with two OPs wed/thur and sunday with a few caps so far. building blocks has provided some cat ops for Copy.

V.A seems to have done a job of finish off the lord of the rings families with very few remaining.

Elite family has started hitting the IMVU family and been very successful in doing so.

The Bro family now split between the north of K45 and south along the k55 border is being hit by Holy in the north and BAG a former nap has now started nobling in that area after some of the biggest members were recruited to copy. Copy however has slowed down likely due to the incoming battle with Take.

Otherwise no obvious big battles going on.

Reflect on last weeks predictions:

K44 "someone will want control Elite and Holy have a large border, unsure of their relations, but either they work together to get rid of LvR/Spicy/AV which are closer to the rim and try to push in there, there's not too much room for expansion besides Holy moving south and trying to cap the leftover Bro villages before Copy can. "

Elite and Holy have not had any interaction leading to likely a nap or agreement that Holy will focus on the southern portion of K44 while Elite will focus towards the K45 border. Holy did end up pushing towards Bro. However Elite was not responsible for LvR and has not made any moves towards Spicy/AV opting towards IMVU to clear up their area.

New prediction: Holy pushes south into K45 on Bro. and reaches a border with Copy (with the option of a NAP benefitting Copy who wants to focus on Take or Holy works with Take to hit Copy from both sides, won't guess on that end) Elite continues to push on IMVU (who doesn't really have much of a border anymore) and like previously predicted starts on Spicy

K54 Copy has started to make a big push through BBD/Bro. Take has a strong cluster on the 54/55 border, tensions at some point will likely break and the building blocks also are on the right side of Take for the most part trapping them and creating 2 fronts. Besides Doom there really isn't anyone else and there is a pretty big size advantage even if Doom looks talented.

Copy/Take prediction was an easy one even if a bit premature we can kind of say this has started, this should continue to only heat up. Doom still has remained untouched likely with an agreement with Copy as they seem to be so willing to do with those around them.

New Prediction: Take and Copy begin hitting each other hard, with the remaining building blocks jumping in to hit them on both sides. Doom continues to be left out of this for now. Bag pushes in on the remaining Br0 down in southern K54 with very little left from Bro family to due in this world.

K45 has been Vodka and the Serious family with the directional family on the rim running up from K55. With little interaction among the 3. From what it looks like Vodka and Serious have some agreements in place, otherwise those two families are connected at the hip for the most part

I didn't really predict much here, Vodka and Serious still don't have much interaction and the thought that theres an agreement is very clear. I could see AV jumping on the leftover building blocks in the core.

New Prediction: N2S is the aggressor and pushes up from the south on Serious a relatively big family, but not large enough to likely be a serious struggle for N2S. G&T gets hit by AV as they move in towards the core.

K55 has a strong prescence of the building block family with really only BAG and the directional families having strong clusters there and a bit of Take spreading from their K54 cluster.

Again I didn't predict anything here. Directional family is now much larger presence after the building block split and making E2W a large cluster in K55.

New Prediction: TBB and BAG fight for southern control. while the rest in K55 is focused on moving outwards.

I did say overall LvR was in a rough spot and that proved true for a variety of reasons.

Again cheers to another week, but things don't look bright on my end.
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Week 7 Update

* Notice I will continue to post the top 20 overall initially, but we will move to top 10 + whoever meets what qualification I decide weekly. This week top 10 + whoever hits the 200K minimum. Just to save time and tbh they don't really matter at least not right now (sorry to those people) I believe we have our (un)lucky 13 this friday that meet that qualification.







Take v Copy

Lots of catting with little caps. No major ops since last Saturday it looks like based on ODA/ODD

shishkin did switch over to TAKE however Take members did say they were caught off guard by the change.

Considering Take has the size disadvantage and two fronts when you factor in L3G0 who is hitting them.

And if you are unaware why we are considering Lego and Copy one and the same and not just allies and to further dive into the duplo/e2w saga. NHS from W50 created Copy/Duplo with the alliance and end game merge likely planned. As well as a few having changed names from W50. A few duplo members were not keen on this and thus went to E2W (although I don't have as much knowledge on this), but there is at least some peace agreement between the directional family and Copy. Doom is also another tribe that has strong relations with Copy as well, if I had to guess likely a similar guaranteed spot for a few members and merges planned later, but no confirmation on this. I believe Holy as well at least has some sort of NAP or agreement with Copy (but that's just me guessing due to Holy jumping in on railing bro later, but also could just be them seizing an opportunity which I said in previous updates I fully expected Holy to jump in regardless of copy.)


Speaking of technically the #1 tribe, N2S has been eating the NAKED tribe with relative ease as well as the Y/S family allowing them to bolster their northern K55 core. This has also led to BingBong taking rank 1 this week and being a former Duplo member shows maybe more interest in winning this world or that the NHS gang has control over another major tribe? (Bingbong at least on this account did not play on W50)


Has started to hit TSU hard with many of TSU losing a lot, strengthening their core and K44/45 border presence.

Continent Discussion:


Holy like I said would push down into 54 picking off the remaining bro members like yours truly. Elite still continues to focus on the core and towards K45 so an agreement between the two seems obvious splitting k44 diagonally.

Probably too early but eventually they will run out of room, Holy will still continue to expand down into K54 theres room before they run into Copy. Elite cant still look to the like spicy or G&T. before they run into Vodka in K45. Only one I think will happen is Spicy getting hit by Elite (or more than just elite).


Vodka has focused on the core the gap in the map no longer colored is TSU who they have begun eating as well as strengthening the K44/45 border. Serious family isn't doing too much they did lose some to the directional family this week and I do think they will shortly be targeted heavily. I'd expect directional family to push up from K55 and Vodka to potentially jump in when serious is stretched thin.


Holy comes down from the north eating Bro and moving to rim tribes like sneaky etc to continue their expansion. Otherwise rn they are just focused on those last stand bro members.

Copy is dealing with take as we mentioned so don't expect too much growth outwards from them, maybe moreso from Doom not highlighted, but in that little pocket between Holy and Copy.

BAG I think is still just around by picking off the depleted Bro tribe and copy/take busy against each other. I could see thm surviving a bit longer and building a decent southern tribe in the world, but I'd expect TBB to do a better job of that who is the other major southern tribe more located in K55 however.


Directional family continues to grow in K55 and really isn't too much there outside the core tribes. TBB in the south, but other than that not much. I think Directional family will push into K54 rather than down into the SW of K55, meaning TBB/BAG will be in the area since GHA has been getting hit.

World Scenarios

Since my time is likely up soon (honestly its hilarious I haven't been rimmed considering the circumstances), I will make some wild predictions about the world with some crudely drawn microsoft paint maps.


uk54 (1).png

So from the world class art skills you can clearly understand my predictions (again assuming no major shakeups before this happens)

Take v Copy already started one will win and establish strong K54 core and outwards control, would expect them to then deal with TBB or BAG (i guessed TBB) either war or merge to establish the strong southern tribe in the world that would probably be the biggest tribe.

Directional moves up on the serious fam more and outwards establishing the big eastern bloc of the world, likely works with vodka in same way to deal with Serious and create a border between them at some point or ally for a NE tribe.

Vodka as previously mentioned also pushed down to G&T/hits serious who is around them and then continues to push into K44 before bordering Elite to create the large northern tribe.

Elite/Holy I think still work together for now no idea how close they are. Elite moves towards the core as well as outwards Holy moves down more into K54 and SW K44.

From those few left we have:

uk54 (1).png

Winner of Take/Copy hitting TBB with Directional splitting it in half roughly while Take/Copy also starts to hit Elite/Holy I think end up becoming 1 along with Vodka who moves in from the east.

This results in:

uk54 (1).png

This will be the final map. So we end with Vokda in the North. Take/Copy winner in the SW and Directional in the east. I think Take/Copy will be the biggest followed by Vodka I think. Now what happens here probably depends on who wins Take Copy. If Take wins I'd expect Take v Directional+Vodka and if Copy wins I'd expect Copy+Directional verse Vodka which would result in the winners from one of those sides.

I kept Take/Copy together because thats hard (i think Take is better but Copy bigger) And picking one over the other impacts things since Copy seems to be more friendly with everyone while Take likely does not "hug" as much.

Again crudely drawn with limited knowledge of some diplomacy and just for fun really since I may be rimmed this week? even though I've been saying that for like 3 weeks now.

Again I try to write everything neutral. Only person that gets made fun of is the 500ms noble gap train that got sent to me because of "lag" (if true that sucks [still would've been sniped] and if an excuse then rip lmao)

Here's to seening you all here next week


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It's a little sad you draw map predictions to the end of the world, which to me, kinda hints at you stopping them. If I'm completely wrong - I'm very happy about it

shishkin did switch over to TAKE however Take members did say they were caught off guard by the change.
I assume you at least chuckled writing this :D

Love your work. I really hope you don't stop with it


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Let's hope you get to live a bit longer here :)

If you like, you can start here in SE we will keep you safe for the sake of news ;)