Top 5 Players and Tribes

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Surprised this hasn't been made either but it's an interesting topic to discuss.


1. Duffzilla - Mark is a good player, however he used PP too much and rushed nobles to early in my opinion. This was lucky for him as he had a free village, but if he didn't he would be slowed a lot. He will maintain the top spots for a while.
2. Nibbler - He also rushed the nobles far too early in my opinion and used PP too much. His first noble was a very small village which with packages and church will slow him a lot but he cannot help this with such a bad area for targets. I was surprised to see him hold the ranks so well and so I am sure he will surprise me in the future.
3. Bad Boys - My account
4. Dispise - The account that farms the most, they were ahead on pretty much everything (apart from points) until recently and they will definitely be top 3 at least in the coming weeks.
5. Dippa - Not sure of these, they are very close to me and share an area with me so it will hopefully be very competitive. They rushed nobles faaar too early in my opinion and so I see them dropping a lot.

1. LL - Lovely spread and good members, they are a bit too packed in certain area's which will cause issues in the future.
2. Lazy? - Top tribe in the world atm in my opinion, I also love their spread and expect to see them (if the players stay) to do very well as they already are.
3. Lag. - Again, very nice spread. The merge they had worked well for them and they have a solid player base.
4. A O D - Huggers, however they will last but they will lose a lot of ranks.
5. .DOOM. - Who? Seems to have appeared from no where, so will watch them.

Future top 5's who will hold the ranks in my eyes (both tribes and players, although I haven't listen any tribes as I don't see any doing it for a while) are Jpmullane, Superhoops and Practice Makes Perfect.


the jpmullane account should do well though it depends how long james can keep kaj locked in his basement :icon_biggrin:
I do expect Emilythesuperduck to be among the top 5 at the end of the world, will be interesting to see what ~ION~ offer later on as they are a tight group of players, hopefully the word will stay interesting,


1 duffzilla Lazy? looked like a noble rush but think he made that decision knowing he needed the co player to increase his farming activity. will probably prove a shrewd move.
2 Nibbler LL know him pretty well and rate him as a player. confused by the points and lack of 1m hauled. Can only assume he has burned a serious amount of premium but fair play to him. think he will make it work given his area. lack of any decent targets will be the big issue for him to overcome
3 Bad Boys LL first of the big farmers. doing well as id expect. think that will continue until boredom takes its toll. that could be tomorrow or 2 months from now but don't see him going anywhere til he decides he is bored.
4 Dispise Lag. if his epic farming is matched with a complete skill set (one assumes it is) then he is a future rank 1 player.
5 EmilyTheSuperDuck Lazy? if this account can keep the experienced co player sober and avoid any "birthday clusters" then will be there for the long haul.

1 Lazy? my tribe. HUGE amount of fun so far so tends to indicate a tribe that will last
2 LL know both leaders and expect them to do well if rl doesnt get in the way.
3 Lag. think they have a nice group of players. be nice to get a bit more info about them
4 A O D. oh dear god. they made rank 4? is this right or they counting the whole family? (going to need this one verifying please guys)
5 -FEAR- remember their duke from one of my past worlds. thats the limit of my knowledge of them. no expectations formed at all.

players that MAY enter the top 5 would be practice makes perfect, charlotteharlot1 and eventually morning star

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Still 3 of the top 10 haven't hauled 1 million.... PP points can grow villages fast and get to nobles by no better way than farming to build troops fast... with the VHQ working so fast got to wonder how they can also keep the stables and rax cued without the farming...

Time will tell but seems to be a decent amount of players with the skills to noble a couple of 3K+ villages and leave the poor farming PP burning accounts way behind...

Tribe wise it looks like the 'big four' Lazy, LL, ION and Lag have their own Ks and UK worlds (even more since PP bonuses) with plenty of easy targets around can't see them fighting anytime soon so would expect those 4 tribes to dominate and have a farming/efficient growth race till players get bored or other worlds entice them away...

Although KnK have started slow it seems that they wouldn't class themselves as great start up players and their strength will show through over time... doubt many of the start up players will still be around once KnK start nuking and recruiting...


1) Princessp - Internal whore
2) Hobberz - Internal whore
3) Dispise - Evil, internal whore
4) 0210 - Internal whore
5) Dbagman - Internal whore


On a serious note tho...
1) Princessp - has high activity, super farming, and skilled players on the account. I expect to stay high ranked for long time.
2) Hobberz - Unsure of activity or skill base... but i hear he farms well... so cant be too bad? Kind of backline so may drop due his distance from the core.
3) Dispise - I think he's internalled the least of top 5, decent players on acc, good farmers.. Potential to stick around
4) 0210 - Prolly only solo player in top 5? Nuff said :3
5) Dbagman - Climbed from rank 12 to rank 5 with his latest internal / merge.. Unsure of activity or skill base, highly doubt he stays around but time will tell.

1) Lazy? - My tribe, rank 1 in world, rank 1 in 2 continents, highest APP.. doing rather well and plan to stick around
2) Soon - Done well dominating their K and spreading into k54.. If they're latest recruits are up to scratch and not just recruiting for points and ground.. then they may look like they can do rather well.
3) HUGS - Despite the mess of lag, they've done well to reform stronger than many expected. Have potential to stick around.. but with majority being backline accounts and some accounts holding whole frontlines, if they cant take the pressure then they may fall as fast as they reformed.
4) D_Z - Sitting behind lazy? and near rots.. Hope they got good diplomacy relations or doubt they'll stick around long.
5) .DOOM. - Being hit left, right and center... they wont be around for long.

In my eyes, the players that MAY enter the top 5 are: CharlotteHarlot1, Jobodavy, The Baconator... All with good OD or/and fast growth


1) Princessp - Know nothing about them - sept they clearly suck for the massive merges to win
2) Hobberz - Know nothing about them - sept they clearly suck for the massive merges to win
3) Dispise - Good account, nice peopole, nice area, nice growth. Should do well providing they have the right Off/Def balance
4) 0210 - Hugs all round for this account! Last i heard he had a co tho...... Should maintain rank providing he remains active
5) Dbagman - Know nothing about them - sept they clearly suck for the massive merges to win

1) Lazy? - Good lot, play their cards right are world winners IMO
2) Soon - Appear to be strong, i dont know a huge amount about them, but are domiating their area. They appear to have a few too many people quiting and being internalled, do they still have a good enough player base?
3) HUGS - Filled with good people, perhaps slightly lacking on player quality. They also appear to be fairly ruthless. If they are to challenge for the world i think they need to make diplo with eitherr on of the top 2, and war the other. Otherwise i can see them being eaten by Lazy? and Soon before they decide to war or merge for the win.
4) D_Z - I know nothing about them. Good luck to them, they will need it being so far behind the top 3, and being restricted in nobling options.
5) .DOOM. - Remember this lot from early game, big family tribe, full of low quality and activity. I would expect them to be eaten easily.

If this thread gets some activity i will do an impartial uk15 tribal overview, and will go into detail.

EDIT: Dispise also sucks due to the massive merge to win

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I'd like to see tedd's view of the top 5's
Fine just for you, but I only know players ive played with lol

Top 5 players
1 princessp - Lots of internals, personally know nothing about the players so cant really comment
2 Dispise - Lots of internals, rank 2 ODA also so pretty decent
3 hobberz - Lots of internals too, again dont know the players some what but definately put their fair share in vs manc
4 0210 - Again, Lots of internals, dont know the players etc
5 charlotteharlot1 - Again, Lots of internals, Very High ODA and active vs manc also

Cba to do tribes as its been summed up pretty well already


I'mma twist this, because I'm bored and the forums could do with some life. Plus it's kind of been touched on already, but people that look promising are (for top 5 or just doing some damage to the rankings in the (near) future)

Luke Bishop - Quiet on externals on this world? Bet you slipped under quite a few peoples radar there, but clearly not Soon's
Londonlad123 - My neighbours growth is beginning to scare me a little/make me spam claim everything in self defence :icon_razz:
The Baconator - Though he's pretty much up there, I'd tip him for top 5 soon considering his growth ranking is currently 2nd

Xx SP4RTAN 3LI1T3 xX - Has been pumped quite a bit, so hard to tell this early, but has some decent players on acc. Probably deserves a mention


If you guys want to do this list again without the risk of all being "merge for the win", now is your time(provided we, The Baconator still rank 5 :D)
Would like to add that we have only been given 4 "internals" and those had to be cleared first, so technically not internals ;)


Mmm top 5 you say?

All I can tell is that I love Dispise and that princessp, 0210 and The Baconator are lazy.
Don't know much about this Hobberz guy. All I've heard is he's a noob.


lazy? it's my tribe, not the way I've played, which was the point I was trying to make ;)

But am sure Dispise thanks you for the love declaration Cyrano :)


lazy? it's my tribe, not the way I've played, which was the point I was trying to make ;)

But am sure Dispise thanks you for the love declaration Cyrano :)

I was just being silly ;) nothing more.
I don't know the lazy players well enough to form a real opinion and they don't know me as stated already. Since they're at the top, they can't be bad. That's all I can say.


Heh its all okey :) TBH I dunno any Sooners either so thats fair enough hehe


Not top 5, but Baron Von Dad has been growing pretty well for a while now, joined 3 days after me :icon_redface: