Top 5 tribes


will try , apologies for inaccuracies , accidental negative comments , bad satire etc .

world 36 is a competitive world and no tribe would be cocky to say they have it wrapped up yet either by war or diplo . There are many good players on this world and it looks like it could shape up for an East v West type scenario . But nothing yet fully set in stone . and all the tribes are feisty . The points and village differentials between top 3 is quite narrow . So for once , rankings change , sometimes on a daily basis

Top 5

1 Mayhem .
used to be known as North/South . Now amalgamated and also took in some NBK players who survived horrors of earlier wars .
Well led and a friendly council . We haven't really seen their fire power. but I imagine its awesome . Just started to get into fighting SPIT since a couple of recent defections . Recent change in leadership means change in priorities
Floating around number 1 rank tribe or there abouts
4 players in top 10. , rank 2 in ODA , rank 7 in ODD

A tip top line up of guys ready to fight and have fun . Led by Winky from the front . They don't amalgamate with anyone but are one of the most sociable of tribes . crushed HD , currently throwing custard pies at 5HM . Their M.O is attack on sunday morning at 8am when the enemy is half asleep . They organise a good op when they get going
Tops of OD as attackers and defence . so they getting some fun .. 3 players in top 10 ranks incl number one player winky since early days of the world .
On paper , could be favorites to win the world

3 TMDv3
I know nothing about this tribe . haven't ever spoken with any of them . They have diplomatic relations with SPIT . They have been scrapping with Mayhem up in North of the world . Again a very good crew of players .
3 players in top 10 ranks .. 3rd in ODD and 2nd in ODA .
If anyone wants to add here , please feel free .

4 and 5 5HM and DICE
Have grouped these together because they are family . Add them together and they also have enough points and villages and troops to compete with top 3 . Currently sorting out the long expected merger .
The Outsiders . Very untidy in what they do . However also a good line up and a fun tribe to be with . They seem to enjoy having a good scrap also . Have been fighting SPIT for , I dunno , a month abouts . Loosing ground to SPIT . Maybe their members don't like getting up early on sunday mornings ?
Their combined OD - would make them rank 1 defenders however their ODA could certainly improve with more coordinated OPs
No players in top 10 rankings . a fistfull in top 20 . If you were to put a long shot bet on world winners , maybe voting for chaos is way to go .



now SPIT number 1 , TMD number 2 and MAYHEM 3rd and 5HM doing the merger .
but it could well be a close competitive world and I am biased being a 5Pony

Plus I am betting on winky rage or boredom quitting at some point . not fussed which one :)
Now now, pang, don't be shy, be brave and do say where you are these days.

We would like to be able to wish you well.

In a personal sort of way.

Nice top 5 post too, well done there.


am totally tw fearless . [ I think ] but the pang is a lover not a fighter .
I already said 5 Poneys
didn't winky tell you also ?
Yes, yes, 5 ponies, ofc, you're obviously not hiding since you are willing to narrow down your location to 1/4 of the whole map. We understand completely. :DDD

Whenever I hear the name I can't help but wonder how 5HM came about.

Most of us I'm sure, have heard of the 4 horse men of the Apocalypse but where did the 5th come from. Each time I hear of him, in my minds eye, I see Soggy up on some shaggy mare riding hell for leather out in front of the other 4 screaming 'to me, to Meeeeee!' (jenda's in the background somewhere, begging not to be left behind)

I must admit, it is a rather vivid picture and just will not go away ... can you please dispel this myth of the tribes origin?


lols , its a good image
but imagine more like 5 horsemen warriors coming over the crest of the hill at full speed at sunset riding on miniature woolly Shetland ponies
Yeah Soggy is a bit of a legend over here . You forgot the cracked bottle of Grouse and Celtic flag
we kind of imagine SPIT to all be wearing black leather pants , waistcoats and helmets with horns sticking out having drinks at the Blue Oyster Bar :) very bauhaus
Winky dancing on the table tops with his stocking tops peeking out from underneath his mini skirt shall be 1 of my fondest memories until the day I die. Just like the guys from Police Academy, we are comfortable anywhere, anytime and anyway you want it.

Just because you wandered in there by mistake, as Capt. Mowser's cronies did, doesn't mean we have anything to feel ashamed about. Give it a chance and I am positive it will suit you very well too.

We give you guys fair warning, we will be coming to visit the zoo very soon to put you all back in your cages. Right after we've had our rabies shots, ofc.


tbh that's not really a proper fair warning . that's a bit of a random statement ment to confuse and bewilder and scare .


Side 1:
Tribes: 5HM, DICE
Side 2:
Tribes: SPIT
Timeframe: Last month
Total conquers:
Side 1:
Side 2: 300
Difference: 14

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2: 39
Difference: 21

Points value of total conquers:
Side 1:
Side 2: 1,140,885
Difference: 226,399

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2: 224,248
Difference: 105,289


them stats show what I said , spit are doing better against 5hm/dice, yes but what the hey , lot of OD for little gain .
spit started war about 1m pts ahead of ponies .Now gap after a month is about 1m pts
Yet during the month spit took 20 villages ahead and became rnk 1 tribe
You will need a very good Op this time . Cos after one month of war you still haven't penetrated our K and we are still in yours
picture is simple tho and as always stats tell the truth - you burning your offense on our villas in your K , we are getting ground down but still there holding and at same time we clearly are not dedicating full strength against you cos we are growing everywhere else . I did a rough calculation and maybe I got my sums wrong - lols most likely did but it was something averaging 40-50k units dying attacking per village .

so weirdly enough you are beating us but we are getting bigger and stronger . At this rate we should catch you up pretty soon on points and OD and size and still technically be loosing the war . we reckon 8 weeks . to beat you by loosing .
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for those who are interested in w36...

well last couple of weeks , world has gone to an East West war and West is doing well .
Mayhem victim of a few OPs and a player going rogue . Heres the stats -

Side 1:
Tribes: 5HM, MAYHEM, Here, DICE
Side 2:
Tribes: SPIT, TMDv3
Timeframe: Last month
Total conquers:
Side 1:
Side 2: 643
Difference: 121

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2: 145
Difference: 108

Points value of total conquers:
Side 1:
Side 2: 2,753,533
Difference: 325,255

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2: 818,665
Difference: 577,640

results are changes in top 5 rankings and forgive only very brief updates

1 SPIT - gaining after fighting rim tribe , recruitment , and Op'ing Mayhem .4.1m pts 594 villas.
2 TMDv3- gained after Op'ing Mayhem
3.8m pts 510 villas.
3 MAYHEM- a player going rogue doesn't help .3.1m pts 403 villas.
4 5HM and DICE- doing not much . munching on a rim tribe . 3.2m pts 560 villas
5 WaL- also having a good feed on a smaller prey . 1m pts 200 villas

At the moment SPIT/TMD favourites in this war . However early days yet . and who knows what twists and turns the gods of TW have in fate for us all .


Yes the East-West War is firming up . Tribes rank 1 and 2 v tribes 3,4,and 6
Mayhem recently took a chunk out of TMDv3. Everyone is getting bored of 5HM not attacking . SPIT are finishing off some rim business .

Side 1:
Side 2:
Tribes: SPIT, TMDv3
Timeframe: Last month
Total conquers:
Side 1:
Side 2: 632
Difference: 8

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2: 56
Difference: 17

Points value of total conquers:
Side 1:
Side 2: 2,850,720
Difference: 8,158

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1:
Side 2: 353,350
Difference: 71,677


no point in putting out war stats . its all gone tits up here on w36.

recap -
tribes 1 & 2 doing well , versus tribes 3 & 4 holding their own and getting shebazz back
good start for world war east v west . evenly matched . everyone had loads of nukes all ready for a little little spark that could blow up the world .

fast forward to present -
tribe 1 on its own, digging trenches
tribe 2 merging with tribe 4 to become tribe 1 in near future
previous tribe 4 now tribe 3
possible world gangbang on tribe 1 emerging .

do you follow ?

there has been some shady diplomacy going on . but then , in tw when is there not shady diplomacy ? Its no good whinging about it , just deal with it , adapt, evolve and fight on . Leave it to others to post on this point

IMAO all the tribes , down to tribe 7 have some quality players . It has been a fighting world previously . will it turn into a diplo world ? or a switch from East West war to North South War ?


update -

well we have had about a month of Tribal Peaces .
Number 2 and number 3 have now merged to become number 1
Number 1 , no one would merge with so they are now rank 2
Rank 3 merged with rank 4 and are still in middle of merging with rank 5 so stay at rank 3

world basically divided now into 3 factions - North , SE and SW .

Are the days of SPIT numbered ?
Will DM dominate ?
Will 5HM manage to do an OP ?
Who will PiB merge with ?

these are the exciting questions to be answered during the next instalment of world 36 top 5 news ……
betcha cant wait ?


Tribe 1 - DM .
9.8m points 1198 villas dominance -28.1%
biggest tribe . dominate Northern half the world . Insomnia now rank 1 player . dominate also top 10 player rankings
Attacking SPIT . NaP with Poneys
Led by Cam. An efficient combine harvester of a tribe with a score to settle with SPIT

tribe 2 - SPIT
6.6m points 841 villas, dominance -19.9%
winky seems to be out of it .Is centari now duking there ? stats show them loosing villas not gaining in SW . Gosh knows what will happen to them. . The smart money is that they will crumble and fade away . If it was Eurovision song contest , they would get as many votes as Norway in terms of popularity . still have 3 players in top 10 .

tribe 3 - 5HM
5.6m points 816 villas , dominance 19.3%
don't know how , but have made it to this stage and look likely to be the number 2 tribe in whatever is left over from SPIT demise . The longshot bet at start of the world could be coming through? Duked by Caley7 and happy go lucky bunch . Merger with WaL has given them new possibilities and territory

tribe 4 - DICE
2.2m points 379 villas, dominance 9.4%
sister tribes with Poneys from early days . Currently warring the rim tribes . Shares the SE with Poneys . Even if you tally their points with 5HM , still 2m behind DM but definitely growing . Yorkie is doing a fine job duking there.

tribe 5 - PiB
1.8m points 341 villas, dominance 8%
Chatting with all other tribes . Have not decided yet which way they leaning . They have interesting choices to make on diplo side of game . However once they made theor decision then no doubt they will be beaten up either by SPIT or DM . Takes your picks . .

The rest - unless something radical happens , the gap between top 5 and others is too significant . Doesn't mean there are not a few good players in smaller tribes but not enough to change way world is panning out

on another obvious point ,...death of external forums ….yes a fat lady is singing already . Maybe its inevitable . but still sad that such a fun aspect of tw is falling by the wayside . Last remnant of posting here will continue until I am rimmed
A lot of the players of this world setup/used a sub forum inside the world for banter and exchange of character references, gloating, humour and poetry . It showed good activity and many peeps posting . Parallel banter and humour really adds to quality of the game . Please don't allow the externals to fade away like a sorry leper .