Tribal Dominance


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Ok here is your tribal dominance facts. I'll update this regularly for you and if I forget/you feel the need for more stats then just let me know

ank ID Name Villages Dominance Allies
1 1241 WZP 11,367 51%
2 3714 =FATE= 10,708 48%
3 1135 HEROES 10 0%
4 4655 JOM 1 0%
5 244 +PEST- 1 0%
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Rank ID Name Villages Dominance
1 1241 WZP 11,108 50%
2 3714 =FATE= 11,191 50%

here's your update!


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Yep, you guys found our weak spots alright, and have been giving them a royal hammering. You guys didn't even relent for the jubilee celebrations which was no fair! :D

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Hmm... If it is not fair to attack during a weekend, you should have asked your friends in tw to do what they do around x-mas and new years eve and prevent all attacks in all worlds :)


since nobody seems to be updating this ill do it...

=FATE= 50.75%
WZP 49.25%