The tribe APOC1 is recruiting the areas K17 and K28 (we will except K18 and K27 and exceptions). We are looking for players who are very active (3 days a week is the minimum). If you can't be on for more than 3 days a week ask for a sitter. We are not really looking for points but we do like to keep players 1000 points and above.
We will help no matter what. eg: if your being attacked we will send support to you and also kill the person attacking you :swordsman: or I'll you need resources we will send you what you need :wood: :iron: etc.

If you would like to join one of the other tribes (apoc2 etc) that's fine we all run on the same bases but some are a bit different.

If you'd like to join just do the same as under /

If you have any questions please post it on here or mail me on here, or go on TW and search for me or apoc1 (if you search for apoc ask the leader).

We hope you join one of the APOC family.

Zac1rock11, Martin Ward, APOC Family

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