tribe(s) in k17 k16 k15(recruitment)


The three tribes =NWO,D and I= are looking for people to join us.
You have to be in k17 k16 k15 or any border K's (if your points are good like 50,000 or something you can be in k6 or something)
You also have to have at least 300 points to join =NDI= but if you reach 5000 points you can switch to =NWD= if you want to get in =NWO= OR =NWD= first then you have to have at least 10,000 points (but we do let exceptions in).
You have to have at least half of points in troops but we do expect a full point troop ratio if you stay.
If you have any other question's post in here or send a message to me zac1rock11.
(If you want to join post here or message me as well)

Zac :icon_biggrin:

PS:you must be on tribal wars at least 3 or 4 times a week
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