UK13 ~ Settings


The long awaited news we open on 9th July at 13:00 BST
This world will start with the new 8.5 Update and Full Premium Features
pre registration is open now

• Speed: 1.6
• Unit Speed: 0.625
• Noble: Packets
• Noble Distance: 25 fields
• Smithy: Simple Tech
• Archers: Yes
• Paladin: Yes, Old weapons
• Bonus Villages: No
• Barbs Grow to: 4250
• Church: Yes
• Choice of starting location: Yes
• Beginners Protection:4 Days
• Attack/Support Gap: 250
• Fake Limit: 2%
• Farm Limit: 2500
• Morale: Yes points and time based
• Militia: No
• Night Bonus: 00:00 – 06:00
• Preregistration will be active
• 90% tribal dominance after a minimum of 1 year
• Quest System active
• Start with 2 Villages
Support - own tribe only

IMPORTANT:How it starts is how it will end​

Full settings can be found here
Discussion thread can be found here

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Correction: The world was advertised as opening at 14:00, it will actually open at 13:00.



We have had to change the starting villages to 1 due to a bug that has appeared we are restarting the spawning now and will open as soon as possible.