UK40 Win Condition Tribe Holding all Runes 14 Days

Discussion in 'World Start Information' started by dabookman, Oct 18, 2018.

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    We are pleased to announce the opening of UK40 on 24th October 2018 Mid morning

    ⦁ Speed 2

    ⦁Unit speed 0.5

    ⦁Archers Yes

    ⦁Paladin Yes

    ⦁BonusVills Yes

    ⦁Barbs/bonus grow 1500

    ⦁Church Yes

    Watch tower No

    ⦁Choose start Yes

    ⦁Beginner Protect 3 days

    ⦁Tribe Limit 22

    ⦁Fake Limit 2

    ⦁Morale Points/time based

    ⦁Militia Yes

    ⦁Attack/support gap 100ms

    ⦁Quest system yes

    ⦁Hauls on with scavenging

    ⦁Flags yes

    Pre-registration is now open​