Ups and Downs - Mostly Downs

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I am the infamous James from the Goodwins account.

So as we all pretty much noticed UP! and Down! have disbanded.
A lot of it is blamed on me, But as many members there will admit the problems lay deeper than me taking the decision to join Horny.

The tribe fell apart due to poor leadership plain and simple.

It all goes back to the decision to mass recruit and make the family tribe P.R.
Everyone knows mass recruiting never works as it mix's the good members with the bad ones and inevitably saves the bad members from being nobled.

Due to location our account decided it would be best to join, make suggestions on how to improve the tribe and hope it did so.

It wasn't long before the burden of having over 100 accounts to look after took its toll on leadership and they cut it down to 2 tribes of 30 and the clever sods called them Up! and Down!

Things seemed to be getting into shape and a war with horny was brewing for after the new years break.

War always separates the weak from the strong and it did so.

After a month or so with a relativity poor attempt of running ops and stacking the front-line from leadership I was beginning to grow frustrated and i wasn't the only one.

Members were begging them to put a proper support system in place and finally after spending 2 weeks working out a solution our genius team of leaders delivered a beauty.

They decided that everyone should send 1/3 of there defense from every village including front-line villages in packets of 100/100.

The idea was that if everyone did this (they did not) we would have a stack of 22k in each front-line village.

I decided to go on skype and tell our genius team what a stupid idea that was as it meant we were losing 1/3 of mobile defense on the frontline and keeping 2/3s of all the tribes defense in the backline.
After spending to weeks they couldn't even figure that out so i decided right there and then that they were inadequate and would step up to run an op for the Down! side of the tribe and show them how it was done.

I did so and to this day it was the only successful op the tribe ran.
The results are on tribal war stats for the 2/2/16.

I also spent a lot of time organizing defense and checking up on members of the tribe from behind the scenes as the leadership were spending more time internalizing accounts and accusing members of not doing there jobs (take a look at yourselves) than doing what they were supposed to be doing.

After spending a week or so and doing all of that I stepped back down as it was never my intention to lead a tribe and i hoped in the following weeks they would take my example and carry on the foundation i laid out.

Nothing changed and nothing was done people started leaving and quitting due to this, some found it to boring, others quit due to the poor leadership that was in place.

The first account that quit was the irongaurd account in which no one else but the tribal leaders got to internal.
They spend most of week trying to do this and in turn created a back log of internals as they were to greedy to give them out quickly in-case they would miss a free meal.
This created a backlog and horny seized on this.

I began getting even more pissed off at this fiasco of a leadership team and decided to write a post in the forums saying i was leaving and the reasons why which are pretty much what i stated above.

I got nothing but abuse in return for this despite all the effort I put into the tribe which was way more than anyone else put in both in the war and behind the scenes.
The stats prove this and if you ask any member of down they will verify it.

This pissed me off and instead of leaving and losing all my hard work in getting the account so far I decided to leave the tribe and make plans to join horny.

The leaders constantly blamed the members but I proved that with the right communication with the members successful ops could be made so they have no excuse but to blame themselves.

Gesler, Pistache for the sake of people enjoying this game never again go into leading, It was completely your fault. You guys chose the members and decided to lead, it was down to you as leaders to organize things and communicate with everyone which you did not do.

All of this and a choice of poor alliances and naps preventing members from expanding meant People lost interest and it was all your fault and no one else's, had you done your job I would have had no reason to leave and the members would not have had reason to quit.

I am sorry for those who I let down, but those are the reasons why.

I posted this here so everyone who was asking why would know.
I wish cor all the best in the war against us and I hope it will be interesting, I know from speaking to goodwins you guys have some good players.
So here is hoping there is an interesting battle ahead.

I will leave a little poem to sign off.

Up! and Down! went Left! and right.
They did so without much fight.
Pistache was telling everyone to hold on tight.
As create an op he someday might.

The op never came so members took flight.
As there was still a lot of internal plight.
Corona took pity and sent the invite.
And the members took off like wind to a kite.

All the best.


An interesting hypothesis

Its not very often I take to posting on the external forums - in fact I think this is the first time ever. Why is that? Because I am really not a big fan of "airing the dirty laundry" in public, or of hearsay, he did that, she did this, nor justifying myself to the whole world.

I must admit I was shocked to find my own name left off this explanation of events and the "poem of glory" :)

However, the account I am now co-playing is mentioned thus I must assume I bear at least a partial burden of blame in this version of events?

Tribalwars can be a game of friendship, comradeship and trust. It can also be a game of espionage, betrayal, dishonesty and lack of integrity all round. I am a fond fan of the former, not a big fan of the latter, but lets be honest here who has not accepted information from a dubious source in order to protect the tribe or advance on a weak spot when at war? Spies are an everyday part of TW life.

James may have some valid points here, was the southern tribe let down by leadership? Did they truly get the best of the opportunities to progress? Its difficult to say because we separated the tribes to such a degree that I can only really vouch for the North tribe and their own situation. Why did this happen? because forum information including ops were being leaked and it was making it tough to focus on the true battles. Mired down in deception there really was little choice but to split the tribes. The north had no lack of ops nor leadership (In my own humble opinion) and despite constant bombardment (Yes, you know who you are LOL) we played the game. Attacking, defending, sniping, loosing or gaining villages its all part of the game. Its fun - its why we play TW in the first place, after all.

Then we come to the "re-integration" of the tribes. Was it too late? It would seem so for James.

Now I have no real ill will toward James, I myself have left tribes before to join with the enemy its a part of TW and always will be. However, when moving to a new tribe I have never spent a week being stacked by the enemy tribe, whilst trying to spread dissent and misinformation to the locals. More to the point, I have never given blow by blow information to the enemy about forums and messages. Because at this point all you did was put a knife in the back of fellow comrades who trusted.

Again, this is all a part of tribal wars. Nobody can condemn a player for doing it - but leaving it out of the "rant" and explanation here was also an injustice. If you are going to leave, then leave. Don't feed information that could harm your tribemates to the enemy and act like a spy for weeks, then feign innocence to them all in order to persuade them not to attack you.

People will believe what they want to believe - always have and always will. I wish you well James, but you disappointed a lot of people who trusted you with your methods - the way you went about leaving in the first place. I cant speak for other leaders but I can tell you I personally worked very hard on the tribe - something a lot of players would attest to, and will continue to do so when called upon. I look forward to the day when World 25 becomes a lot less political and a lot more about nuking and sniping :)


Master Faster

Again, this is all a part of tribal wars. Nobody can condemn a player for doing it - but leaving it out of the "rant" and explanation here was also an injustice. If you are going to leave, then leave. Don't feed information that could harm your tribemates to the enemy and act like a spy for weeks, then feign innocence to them all in order to persuade them not to attack you.

Thanks for the response Paul you are right about the stacking, but it was not weeks in advance but more of a matter of days.

As for giving out information for weeks and spying that is not true, The one thing i did say is that pistache is getting stacked but that was it and it was in the final few days and was info they already knew anyway, It wasn't a case of handing out every bit of info I could find.

I even have mails saying i would not be spying.

Regardless your name was not mentioned as you did make an effort and you were reasonable to talk to.
Best of luck with the rest of the world and you are right, lets leave our ingame skills do the talking.


I can say I left in a very simlar way to james but a month before. For same reasons. Hopefully cor are better makes the world more fun


They are searching for something, something that seems to ever elude their grasp. P.R to Up/Down to COR to... what next?

I think a part of the problem comes from the sheer number of alliances made. Members have nowhere to grow, and so they get bored and quit.

Once the leadership is out of internals, they jump to another tribe and feed on them
The number of internals that have gone on over there is somewhat amusing/depressing!

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Horny vs Up!/Down! war statistics!