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The purpose of this forum is for any discussions among players that play UK4, but that don't necessarily relate to UK4. These discussions can either be TW related, but not specifically related to UK4, or they may be entirely unrelated to TW. This does not mean that spam will be tolerated though. While the threads may have topics that would be considered off-topic in the PnP section each thread is still to have a vague topic (the topic moving a bit as time goes on is fine, but not intentionally derailing a thread). For example deciding it is fun to count to 100 in the middle of someone's discussion will still lead to infractions.



>.< copycat.

I would like to lodge a complaint, I feel calling this a Tavern is promoting underage drinking and feel that many kids will be affected by this.

[19:45:02] doom/Bal0ns (Tom): we should complain that we feel its promoting underage drinking :D

As you can see Doom feels the same way.


[tt] We can always remove the fourm completely from this world your choice?[/tt]


No, just feel it's double standards when we've been calling for MSG to have it's name changed before. Keep this forum - but change the name of MSG to The Pub please :(


[tt] We can always remove the fourm completely from this world your choice?[/tt]
No don't do that :icon_confused:, with my net down(again, /me goes and vills virgin media) atm playing TW on my phone is a pain so i gave up, so only thing i do TW related is read the forums so i may post in this and flame Radarr :icon_evil:

Radarr you suck ;)
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*looks around slightly confused*

Sorry I must be lost... is this the place you go if you want to make fun of Ade?....

....What? Too soon?