Who wants to play rank 1 account?


Well im over tw cause its sooooooooooooooooooooooo boring......... :icon_rolleyes:

The account.

Im looking for someone to play my account. I'll basically be co playing so to speak as i dont have enough time/motivation to play full time anymore.

I have over 60 nobles and shiz load of packets and nukes to play with oh and lots of premium.

What im looking for.

1. Must know how to play tw and preferably managed an account of this size.

2. Be highly active! (must)

3. Active?

4. Must be able to take abuse from me when im drunk! :icon_twisted:

5. ummmmmmmmmmmm

6. Must have skype.

7. Preferably i know you.

Message me or post here with ur pass experience and why i should let you play this account!