Winners of the Santa-Paladin competition

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by marcus the mad, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Hear ye Hear ye!

    We have our winners!

    1st prize goes to Patris Mortem!


    He'll win 1000pp and a lvl 8 flag of his choice.

    2nd prize goes to Kevinmak!

    700pp and a lvl 7 flag of his choice are his due.

    3rd prize was a bit of a pickle as it's an ex aequo (and the reason this announcement took a bit of time) between Chaza and Defago31
    Both of our other entrants made very nice renditions of what they believe 'santa paladin' would look like and therefor we have decided to award them both:

    400pp and a lvl 5 flag of their choice! (please contact me with the flag type and account you'd like to prize to be sent to)

    Thank you for entering, see you in the next competition!
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