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Sorry But ....

I Did Not Understand A Word Of It
Then your dumb, to be honest. Most over people can and it's just questions and then answers.

When I get the time i'm going to make it easier etc.


for a question to add/answer:

how does a world end? when a tribe owns a certain % of the world?


That's not true. A world has never ended so how do we know?
I put a ? at the end of the "answer" to denote I had no idea how a world would end.

Worlds have ended. Just not worlds on this national server.

A world ends when the world is no longer profitable for Innogames to continue running.
thank you


I am going to be attacked for the first time, I am a nab

And the guy is 9 hours away... Is there any way to tell the number of troops coming or what type of troops are coming?

And do I set up a rally point outside my village to protect my village?

Not sure how that works.

Dark Lord II

Hy !

I now coming from the hungarian server world 7.
I have a question.
The hungarian language possible on the tribe profil or not ?

Thanks for the answer ;)


no All wording have to be in English as far as I'm aware


this is UK11 I think?

It is due to the settings so you need to send a minimum of FOUR scouts to avoid any tripping over their cloaks and dying