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Ok, well this method is very well known in .net and probably a heap of other servers, I get 150ms trains every single time i use it.
I'm not sure what the max is for .co.uk but i'm sure you could reach it with this, Sorry no pics, but it works great.

sooks wrote:
sooks on 31.01. at 21:04 Quote Edit Delete
It only works on Opera

1) On your browser go to tools and preferences
2) Go into Advanced click on shortcuts
3) Single click on Opera standard in the Keyboard setup box and duplicate it
4) Rename this new setup "T train"
5) Now single click it and go to edit
6) Click Application and then New
7) In the box that shows up type the letter t (use the letter T as there isnt a shortcut that uses this key)
8) Now double click next to this in the blank space and type this EXACT text that is in bold:
Click button&Switch to next page
9) Now click ok and it will take you back to the advanced section
10) Make sure that you keyboard setup is highlighted by single clicking it and click ok

Now you are ready to go practice sending trains to a barb all you have to do is set your train up the usual way and right click the OK box on the last attack screen

Now its you choice you can press t 4 times quickly to send the train or open another tab of your village overview screen and while on that screen press and hold t.

It will auto scroll through all you tabs and press all the ok buttons.

sooks wrote:
and another thing that i forgot to write
please open and extra page in right of your other tabs and hold T from there
another page/train/train/train/train

Just thought i would post this here to help out

I did the setting but I can not understand how to send rhe train :icon_cry:


Yo. I recently got a new laptop, so I recorded myself making the T-Train and stuck it on youtube:



It cut 10 secs of the vid for some reason, but everything you need to understand is there. If you found that helpful, check out my other guides. I update it every now and again:


I love the T train method but i now have opera 19 and cant figure out how i can set it up can anyone help please


The newer versions of Opera no longer allow the T train (ask someone nerdy as to why I just read the blog of folk going nuts and crying a lot).

Either remove this version and download Opera 12.6 or before if you want the T Train or learn to send trains on another browser. Nothing to stop you having 2 or more browsers on your machine and TW no longer supports the older versions of Opera so TW will get slower and slower if you do switch back to the old version of Opera.

Sorry couldn;t be of more help but am sure someone will be along shortly to give you the whys and hows.

The Rover

thanks for the info, Jo!
to me it seems opera loosing tempo anyway when running TW or any other website like youtube. isn't as quick as it used to be 2 or more years ago *sigh*


I suggested the only possible method for opera 19+ and chrome (known by me) but that's not allowed due to it being an add-on. It'll only get allowed when the rules change or if there's made an exeption.


Opera 12.17 still works really well with Win 8, im trying to help out a friend with Win 7 64 bit, anyone have a fail proof guide please?


done it on the new opera and only 2 atttack sent out of 5?

can someone explain this and how to resolve the problem