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lord dan win

ps: how many games do you get where people my age (53 in a couple a weeks) can become great mates with teenagers and have TW as a common interest.....and over wide geographical distance too!
I dunno how old they are but I've made friends with people older than me and I'm a teenager!
You need social skills :icon_eek:

HF, don't be so rude :icon_biggrin:
I don't think their are that many of those people on this game :icon_confused:


Rate the player

Forget all the stuff about points, od etc.... These imho are the important bits:

Good sense of humour (essential)
Reality check positive (ie never losing sight that this is a GAME)
Tribe Loyalty
Total lack of selfishness
Ambition to move up the tribe
Good communicator wlling to post on forums AND mail ppl
Lots of good ideas to assist tribe or members thereof
Committment to treat everyone with respect
Committment to ensure vulnerable players (esp kids) are safe
Good at diplomacy....words of charm can often disarm where spears cannot!

These are what make great players regardless of rankings....for me, one of the best things I have got out of TW over the last ten months is that I have met so many genuinely nice people....the funny, the clever, the daft, the generous, etc, etc. There are a few dorks here and there who are just in it for themselves or take it too serious, but the majority have been just great people to know. Thanks TW team for a whizzing ten months : )
There's a difference between rating the person, and rating the player. This thread is about who's good at playing the game, not who it's fun to play with. It's a line that shouldn't be blurred, like RL flaming because someone beat you on the game, or refusing to work with someone, because you're working against them on a different world. All this thread is about, is how you're doing as a player of tribal wars, on this specific world, how well you're doing, and importantly for tribe and rep, how well people think you're doing.

As important as those characteristics are for a person, and a community, for a player, they're not as important.

lord dan win


Points: 8/10 - You're not tank 1, that takes 1 mark away, then your not in the top 20, another mark = )
OD: 7/10 - Your rank is higher than your OD but still, not a bad score.
Position: 9/10 - More enemies would make 10 but you have Virus members and loads of bonuses near you, a very nice position =D
Tribe: 10/10 - Well Bi! are the best Tribe in the world, 404 aren't much compared to you = )
Rep: 8/10 - I think your new to UK, just for Uk4, I may be wrong but haven't seen you anywhere but UK4 forums and you gossip there a lot = )

42/50 - Well done, I'm tough on scoring ^^


Lord dan win -
Rank: 486, Points: 21,376, Villages: 4, Average points per village: 5,344, Join date: 24/02/10, OD Rank: 755 (45,232 score), OD Attack Rank: 420 (41,984 score), OD Defense Rank: 2139. (3,248 score)

I would like to put more detailed post but unfortunately all the stats are pretty poor, sorry :-(



Points: 8/10 - top 20
OD: 7/10 - your ODA is a little low for your size
Position: 8/10 - Seems to have a few areas of expansion
Tribe: 8/10 - it is really too early to rate tribes above an 8 right now, but seem to be well enough organized.
Rep: 7/10 - sometimes it seems he posts just to see his name there, see above.

38/50 not bad


Points: 6/10
OD: 7/10 - your ODA is a little low for your size but not too far off your rank
Position: 5/10 - not many targets close by
Tribe: 6/10 - it is really too early to rate tribes above an 8 right now, but seem to be well enough organized.
Rep: ?



Points: 8/10
OD: A solid rank- being just above your points rank is impressive indeed.
Position: 6/10- Quite a few blue dots around you mean not too much room for expansion, however there is a nice red cluster to your east.
Tribe: 10/10 - Clearly ;)
Rep: Havent seen a lot of you in the ingame or external forums, so i'll reserve judgment on this one.


Points: 8/10 - top 20 so good
OD: 6/10 - a little bit low possibly for rank
Position: 8/10 - on the front-line but that means lots of targets
Tribe: 9/10 - excellent tribe, still hasn't been under any real pressure though
Rep: 9/10 - lots of posts around



Points: 7/10 - 38 - top 40 never a bad position, do think you may increase this tho
OD: 8/10 - 193.473 - good ODA score and i know personally that in game you been actively fighting
Position: 8/10 - on the edge of your dominating continent meaning bad position for initial continent dominating but good positions for further world domination...
Tribe: 9/10 - i know the 404 leader has a lot of respect so usually a good indication, also a few familiar names i can spot as good experienced players in there too
Rep: 8/10 - regular posting here and there, keep seeing you around and dont think i remember disagreeing with your posts so all good :p



Points: 9/10 - 17 - top 20 with no co-player is a testament to his skills
OD: 7/10 - 284.774 - good ODA score but not as good as i would expect with the points score.
Position: 8/10 - a week ago i would have said 4, surrounded by allies he still managed to steal villages from the leader of O.O and is now nicely positioned in the middle of enemies just where he wants to be whilst still having a good core of villages close to allies able to support should it be needed.
Tribe: 9/10 - Do i really need to comment on Bi? good tribe.
Rep: 8/10 - Comes across as arrogant but is it arrogance or just well placed confidence? based on the facts seen so far it is confidence (annoyingly). Can irritate at will but when you want a laugh you can rely on him!



Points:- 6/10 (It is nice... :lol:)
OD:- 9/10 (Very good for rank)
Position:- 7/10 (Meh, surrounded by tribe apart from heading out to the rim.)
Tribe:- 8/10 (Great tribe from what I have heard/seen although never any encounters with you.)
Rep:- 7/10 (I don't come on UK4 Forums that often and when I do I don't post meaning never really taken notice of your posts, sorry)

Rate:- Cbrown1234



Points:- 5/10 climbing up the ranks steadily
OD:- 7/10 ODA Not bad, higher than your points rank, ODD looks like you've not been attacked much
Position :- 6/10 Surrounded by tribe/allie members so not to much in way of enemy noble targets :(
Tribe :- 8/10 it is really too early to rate tribes above an 8 right now, but seem to be well enough organized.
Rep :- ??


Points: 9/10 - Obviously good, top 20.
Od: 9/10 - Good high ODA, and good low ODD. Low ODD + No villages lost suggests that you've never really come under attack, or if you have you've been backtiming and clearing them. Nice.
Pos: 7/10 - Good support network, but few farms and fewer places to expand to.
Tribe: 6/10 - I've heard some things regarding TEA and you guys having trouble, I don't necessarily believe them, and the stats speak for themselves, but it might be time to fire up the PnP machine.
Rep: 0/10 - Honestly never heard of you, even though you're in the top 20. Tbh I was preparing myself to rate a 2,000 point player.




Points: 7/10 - Average points but in the top 20 for the continent
Od: 8/10 - OD is higher than points rank which is always a good thing. High ODA and a decent ODD to go along with it showing you can attack and defend.
Pos: 9/10 - Lots of places to expand to and lots of barbs to farm(as long as no one nobles them :p) Not really any close range support though.
Tribe: 9/10 - Part of one of the best tribes in this world - Bi!, i see these as being better than 404 so should probably sit at rank 1
Rep: 7/10 - I see you out and about posting on the world 4 topics, never seen anything i disagreed with and im sure theres been the off post i laughed at due to slight sarcasm :)



Points: 7/10 Top 200 in the World, top 100 in K
OD: 9/10 I see you have been hitting HYBRID hard
Pos: 8/10 Have quite a lot of enemies but not too many barbs
Tribe: 9/10 Doing amazingly against HYBRID, Rep
Rep: 8/10 Have seen you post a bit




Points: 1/10 i am assuming that you have recently joined this world however due to twstats being down i cant confirm this...
OD: 7/10 considering your points a very good oda.... nearly no odd tho.... hence the lower score
Pos: 6/10 looks like your dominating your area and cleared all immediate farms looking good for you
Tribe: 3/10 to be honest i have only hear say to go off and it isnt good im afraid, maybe that opinion will change with personal experience with gians or as they make a name for themselves
Rep: 3/10 this is only the 2nd post i have seen from you that i can remember, again im guessing that your probably not inexerienced but using an alias... and having to start over


Yeah I have, been playing quite a bit just crushing to be honest, I find it fun to get ODA scores, Gians is quite a mass recruiting tribe, I am trying to get the point across to them but they aren't listening. I am quite new to UK servers so not many people know me, yet, but I like to throw my opinions every now and then.
Anyway Mark for you my friend:
Points:9/10 Top 20
OD: 7/10 Not bad OD, but not quite as high as your points rank
Pos: 8/10 Very nice farms around you
Tribe: 10/10 Bi!, well, its just Bi! You guys are heroes <3
Rep: 9/10 I have seen you post a lot on W4 forums


was gonna do u but not really any point as mark did u one up lol
why not matey? at the end of the day this is just my opinion and there are many out there who would completely disagree with anything i said, always worth doing one anyway...


Points: 9/10 - 10th in the top 10 - 234.180pts think it says it all matey,
OD: 10/10 - ODA (5) 582.696 ODD 165.034 (110) again these figure speak volumes, great ODA not that far behind smile considering points difference
Position: 9/10 - good expansion south east.... :p
Tribe: 10/10 - what can i say, WE'RE BI! - we're 'Beyond Imagination' - anyone that doesnt think 10... run!
REP: 5/10 - see a post from you every now an dthen but wouldnt consider you a highly active external forum user, unless were looking at different topics lol
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lord dan win

Points: 9/10 - rank 12 is good ; )
OD: 7/10 - I think for your size you should be rank 12th in OD, your not so not 8/10...
Position: 9/10 - Could expand well, wanna see were you go. With the three wars Bi! have would be fun seeing where you go.
Tribe: 9/10 - Well you don't own the top 20 so that's not good, in fact, you don't even have rank 2 anymore, he went back to his home in TEA....
REP: 7/10 - Seen ya, heard ya. Could post some more though...