The K44 Super Noble Highway



Full sized image can be found here

I would also like to add a thank you from the LoL council to the leadership of the newly formed Dogicts. We spent a huge amount of time deliberating about which tribe to go for first. Your merge took the deliberating away in an instant. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Let the fun begin, good luck!

The LoL Council

*Thankyou once again to Reshlock and Phlipster for the effort they put into our PnP's!*
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Our dogged inquires have let us to believe that this publication has been reported to the Leveson inquiry for press ethics.

seems someones been hacking again to find information.
Scotland Yard believe this has something political about it and the TEA party may be involved pulling the strings in the background.

It has also been reported that due to poor build quality a lot of the construction done by LoL Engineering and Construction is of such poor quality that walls seem to collapse when approached by even a single person addicted to dog walking.

further violations of Health and Safety have found that some workers of LoL Engineering and Construction have been suffering from mental problems and have been advised to return to the asylum.

As more NEWS is found out our dogged reporters will keep you up to day.

TB505 Reporting

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ste lake

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Get that hammer out
lol o the 14lb hammer is out now m8 just need to be careful what i say on these forums since there seams to be alot of sensitive ppl running the show like

just wanted to say my lil bit lol then retreat b4 i get banned lol


Feel free to mail it then ste, I know some have been bantering with you already. Best bit of the game if you ask me ;-). Will only ever be as a bit of fun from us!

ste lake

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hehehehe i hear you have been having a good chat about it in ur skype room

i thought i must of upset grapevine with him not wanting to chat to me kinda brought a tear to my eye. i am a sensitive lad at the end of the day.
i only play this game to have a laff with a few m8s my troops have been loging about for weeks now getting lazy pour soles i have got them moving all over the place now will take weeks to get them back in shape.

i think we need a ceasefire for a week or two to get them back in shape like

*ring ring ring ring *

its ok i have just had a phone call my troops are fit and ready to go good job there are to drug tests on hear e i think mine might fail that 1 but hey ho they are fit to go hehehehe i am a poet and i did not know it hehehehehe

anyway just so you know all my troops have been on the appropriate training course's for H+S i have all so sent them in for train demolition witch they all passed with flying colours

now i have had my solicitous do a big of digging into the company that calls its self lol construction now this is not a ltd company
and i have heard you on a very tight budget i just hope you have taken in to account all the extra cost dogs and addicts will cost you with us have our train demolition tickets or lol employees my end up losing there homes

ste lake

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disgusting yet another foreign owner in england
so basically lol are the man city of tw and i was starting to have a lil respect for you o well


Who said anything about owning? Were 100% British, just like you get in Tesco, as well as the token Irishmen and American!


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The north-south divide, a political division that exists between the Addicted Dogs, Fire and Flames, known collectively as "The North" or "Global North" and the Swarm of Tea sipping Lunatics known as "The South" or "Global South"

For weeks now relations between "The North" and "The South" have been somewhat hostile, with the odd skirmish breaking out along the borders of this divide.

Word on the Grapevine has it that the inhabitance of "The South' a poverty stricken wasteland decided living in such slums was no longer an option for them an immediately began too seek new, well developed homes too take refuge in. These crazy folk south of the border

rounded up there troops, sharpened there spears and launched a full scale assault on a small peaceful tribe formerly known as Wolves. The sheer size of this attack was too much for 1 small tribe to handle, they tried to call upon other small local tribes for help Bhut were overwhelmed and completely out numbered by these rampaging Lunatics who were driven on with the sole ambition of leaving there barren wastelands

behind too seek new well developed homes for their friends and families.

However these Lunatics got a taste for there new found well developed homes and soon began planning a much larger operation too take full control of "The North"
DOGS and ADDICTS who at this point were locked in a civil war heard news of this evil plan and immediately called a diplomatic meeting to discuss putting an end too the war, uniting the 2 squabbling nations and laying waste too these crazy lunatics moving across our border once and for all.

Meanwhile across the pond FAF one third of the "Global North" collective were fed up of the hideous view from there luxury penthouse suites along the "North-South" divide so held a meeting with the higher class residents of "The North" to discuss expanding into the area and undertaking a huge scale construction project too turn the barren wastelands into a beautiful, well developed, modern city.

After lengthy talks the tribe mayor Gotcha gave the word to begin this hostile takeover and start the 'New Construction Development Scheme', with Borntolose who should perhaps be Borntowin getting the 'wrecking ball' swinging.

The TEA sipping folk of "The South"

Upon hearing this news began too panic, the wastelands they had grown accustomed to were under threat!! Realising the Power. and determination of FAF they had to come up with a plan and quick. Knowing there friends across the desert had broken out of the wasteland to seek refuge in a higher class civilisation, they secretly, in an undisclosed location

held talks with these crazy folk and came up with the perfect plan. Those lunatics, no fear, unhinged by anything, on a power trip after there recent victories offered to sacrifice there troops to protect the swarm of tea sippers they call friends. How brave they are! So set upon 'secretly' stacking the broke down homes of there friends.

Unfortunately for them back in "The North" discussions between Addicts and DOGS had gone extremely well, so well infact both tribes put an end to the civil war and merged to become 1 major powerhouse. This new found friendship and trust brought about joy for all involved, even the goat was enjoying himself.

This new force in "The North" led by Reggie Boy and Tb505, got straight down to business. The 'secret' plan put together by the Swarm of Tea sipping Lunatics was not so secret afterall

FAF with there New Development Scheme and Addicted DOGS with there new found friendship knowing this 'not so secret, secret plan'


And knowing they shared the same goals had a meeting under the beautiful clear night sky, enjoying champagne and caviar (Tigerstripe drank a little too much as per usual) and agreed to help each other to fulfill there matching goal.

So became The North-South divide and war was declared.

It is yet unclear how this war will go, is it time for the Lunatics to head back to the asylum?


Will drinking too much Tea result in more toilet time than game time for the Swarm?

Are the flames of FAF about to go out?

Or have the Addicted DOGS bitten off more than they can chew?

Here you go guys, our declaration, hope you enjoy it :)
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