Top 20 Tribes


Hmm, holidays maybe? It does happen. We are getting a more solid foundation definitely.


ahhh i see ;-)

so the fact that 2 weeks ago we took a load of villages all in one go (75 to your 2)... and then within the last week we took a third of the amount (27 to your 2)..... doesn't give you any inklings of a reason?

Can anyone else give Jad a hand here? :icon_razz: or is it only me that sees the explanation staring me in the face?

(**hastily crosses off day 14**)


We can't give you a hand ... you're in charge for a reason, anything involving thinking is your job! I just steal the food from the buffet table when no one is looking :)

I'm sure Jad will work it out soon ...


Hmm, holidays maybe? It does happen. We are getting a more solid foundation definitely.
give jad a hand no idea!!!! but dont weak foundations crumble when alot of stress is put on them suddenly :icon_wink:


Rc1207. That names takes me back.

The village taking is less consistent than it has been.


It does? I'm afraid I have no recollection of your name. My apologies for this.


Ahhh, Jadjadjad! I remember you :D

(it was the o on the end that threw me >.<)

Sorry for not recognising you at first :)


back on topic top 9 tribes

A well organised tribe, seem to be destroying anyone that stands in there way with very little problems, seem to work on destroying morale rather than a tribe as a whole, made easy work of destroying UNIQUE,Necros,-V- , they are favourites to win the world despite a number of tribes trying to change that
barb nobles=15.35%

One of the tribes that recently emerged,mainly made up of SPQR, claimed they were a tribe that wanted to take the fight to KNK, not much evidence of this happening yet, they have had a few issues with organisation of taking and stacking villages successfully, at at the moment seem to be trying to get out of the firing with a barb rate of 68.03%,, they need to pull there socks up if they wish to survive as they might as well call them selves KNK internals at this rate(115 villages lost)

A strong tribe from the outside, putting up a good fight against KNK in their area,surprised a few people with how well they have done, they seem to have good organisation and cooperation due to the fact they have taken 36 knk villages, they have showed they can bite back
barb nobles= 52.53%

Not had a lot of dealings with this lot, are know for being back stabbers, but their key to survival is staying/getting on KNKs good side(if they have one) only the loyal players stayed with the tribe through is recent problems and well done to the leader for not disbanding at the first sign of trouble, had no real tests yet,
barb nobles= 39.05%

Had a few problems recently, which they still seem to be recovering from. We know their little secrets that they did not want others knowing any one who does go into a diplomatic status with them should watch their backs very careful and they seem to have problems understanding what a nap means. Currently at war with O.O due to a few string being pulled from a bigger threat, reports suggest their camp are currently in a disagreement over a few issues,
barb nobles= 55.25%

my tribe so would be unfair to do, will say we are seen as the joke of the world by many
barb nobles=57.41%

seem to be mainly TPG after there merge with HT did not work out, another tribe battling with KNK,so far it does not seem to be going to badly, with a loss of 23 villages but have managed to take back 4 villages, so despite their size they have shown they can fight back, i reckon they have a chance of surviving for a while longer but could run into trouble when some of the big KNK players starting hitting them
barb nobles= 35.48%

will have to do this one on serpico, he seemed to had got bored waiting around for some action so joined a former tribe member who kept serpico ~TS~ alive and declared on O.O for some stupid reasons, (attacking a one tribe person is bulling? and nobling barbs when every one else that does it gets away with it), he is a experienced player recently lost a few nukes attacking and ran into a few brick walls, if he out survives O.O he may not go back to KNK but have a little fun with some of their member instead, he is also good at pulling strings
barb nobles= 32%

lous latest tribe, how long this one will be around no one knows, she seems to have a loyal bunch of followers(sheep) who go to any tribe she goes to, i think this is the 3/4 tribe she has ran on her new account name, and has been in a number of other tribes where when question she threw a strop and left, recently messed up big time while being a baroness of temp , they seem to be more than happy to make empty threats which have never been backed up in the past and we believe they will not be back up in the future, so far they have been feeding on internals/dead accounts but have players with potential but is it the right tribe for them to shine only time will tell
barb nobles= 15.38%
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^^ Very good assessment, i can see alot of work has gone into this.


great assessment

Not hand a lot of dealings with this lot, are know for being back stabbers, but their key to survival is staying/getting on KNKs good side(if they have one)

pretty sure we have a good side, it's the one next to the end of the bar =)


Ok - Just an update on world standings and ownership - no reviews here :)

1. KnK Points: 51,034,582 Ownership: 53.95%
2. SPQR Points: 15,470,737 Ownership: 16.35%
3. WINNER Points: 11,697,880 Ownership: 12.37%
4. temp Points: 6,105,240 Ownership: 6.45%
5. O.O Points: 4,083,165 Ownership: 4.32%
6. ~TS~ Points: 1,509,300 Ownership: 1.60%
7. T-S Points: 1,302,738 Ownership: 1.38%
8. -tSv- Points: 909,209 Ownership: 0.96%
9. JFL Points: 759,603 Ownership: 0.80%
10. 9L Points: 486,020 Ownership: 0.51%

And war stats for the last week:
Side 1:
Tribes: KnK
Side 2:
Tribes: SPQR, WINNER, OutLaw, -tSv-, temp

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 249
Side 2: 32
Difference: 217

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,944,017
Side 2: 270,790
Difference: 1,673,227



hmmm only 249 vills in a week, i think we are slacking lawl