UK75 Opens June 27th at 10:30 am


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Settings as voted by the players :

Speed : 1.5
Unit speed : 0.5
Noble Cost Type : Coins
Smithy : Simple tech
Archers No
Paladin Yes, skills
Barb/Bonus Vills : Yes Grow/shrink to 1500 points
Church : No
Watchtower : No
Stronghold : Yes
Choose start : Yes
Beginner Protect : 7 days
Tribe Limit :20
Support : No outside support, , support in players villages will automatically return if player leaves tribe
Fake Limit 2%
Morale Points and time based
20:1 ratio protection for 1st 45 days on the world
Militia yes
Attack/support gap 100ms Attack, 200ms Support
Quest system : yes
Hauls : Full
Scavenging : Yes
Flags : yes
Nobles travel maximum : 50 fields
Night Bonus : 00:00 :0800 defence is 4X stronger
Win condition : Dominance must be held at 65% or more

Special settings :

In order to make things more interesting, an additional gap of up to 40ms will randomly be added to commands.

Server policies apply
  • No merges,gifts or internals for a players 1st 30 days on the world,
  • Tribelock will occur randomly after 30 days and we will not reverse this for any reason. Make sure you have a good tribe by then!
  • This world will transfer to Casual 14
Pre Registration is now open!