Who is Joining?

lord dan win

Not joining, sorry LD D;

And Cody.... Am. Not. Joining. UK7. With. These. Settings.

The Revenant

I was bored and clicked join. Now i am totally doomed and rather mad at myself. :mad:

Kind of in a situation of guy who didn't drink for over a year after now detox going out for a beer..... someone tell me to GTFO please....


well it looks a good bit different. will see how it goes during start up but uk6 takes up much of my time


I don't even know why I am looking in this forum .... don't intend to join another world

..do I?

lord dan win

lol Why is everyone beginning and ending sentences in lol? lol
lol It's quite irritating. lol
you could say wet was premade for this server but at the same time you could say it was put together as the server went on :lol:

have i confused anyone yet?
if yes....good
if not, ill have to try harder