Rate the Avatar and Signature


really? how come?
i suppose you could manually add one to the bottom of each post if you feel left out.
:icon_sad: Mods.

I think I've seen a very similar one elsewhere in these forums. Not sure if its a copy or an alter-ego of yours. Yours looks better anyway because you have chosen a better combination of letters.

RatedRR :) He requested one.


A - Simple, nice text but could use maybe a bigger gradient and sharper text.
S - Simple again but quite nice and like the text :D Text could be sharper
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Avvy: 8/10- clean, simple and effective. What more could you want from an avvy? :)
Sig: N/A

When rating my sig could you rate this please (using as sig elsewhere, but too big for here):


Avatar - 6/10 - Looks pretty interestiing, not quite sure what it is though :D

Sig 1 - 6/10 - Looks pretty impressive but can't read the writing very easily

Sig 2 - 8/10 - Looks really good :)


i have an updated A & S, doom here's my previous rating for you with the same avy and sig

a - 8/10 i see relevance :p , howvever looks like a generic doom crop and paste job... only thing i can critisize is that its not custom in any way (sorry if im wrong)
s - 8.5 again i see relevance to the name and slogan (box ticked), also like the strips at the top and bottom, its unique, however your w4 - amoks and pest are IMO a bad choice of font and size.... also would be nice to know how much you customised... all in all tho very nice


avatar - 7/10 (pretty nice looking but it looks a little blurred or like it should be bigger)

sig - 6/10 (seems a little plain and not that interesting. The bit on the right looks great, just the stuff on the left lets it down in presentation)


no i has new sig stop being mean :icon_sad:
/me logs onto UK4

Avy 8/10
sig 9/10 - would be 10 but a little too small


8.5/10 - effective but doesnt really say your name properly (dayum I'm a good critic ;))

9/10 - like that. Good colours and clear.

For my comments, I don't know how to make it bigger! Will you do it for me?

I made mine on paint :) not too bad for a quick paint jobbie eh? :)


Avatar: 3*PI/10 - brilliant. amusing picture of an amusing person with the annotation: "BOOM!". exactly what an avatar should be. can't quite read the rest of it but it appears to incorporate the phrase "how we roll" (plus points), and i don't mind that it's obsure.

Sig: e^(e+1)/10 - even more enjoyable. the word "Noob!" next to the crude crossing out and expression "mugga fuggaz" are particularly pleasing.

some of the art here is brilliant, but jimmy's is my favourite.
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A: 8/10 I like the picture of Jimmy, he is a legend in his own lifetime and the Boom. The only reason you didn't get a 10 is that I can't read the other writing, maybe make it a bit clearer or move it off Jimmy's collar.
S: 9/10 this time as I can read all the writing, just missing a snooker cue.


For a change I am genuinely posting to rate and not be rated. They are both fantastic, great concept, nice execution, they have the lot.

Avi : 10

Sig. 9.8 The writing needs to be either a tiny bit bigger or made sharper but still brilliant. Got to ask , who made them?


Scouse did you upload that sig from your computer?
Make sure that when you put it as your sig you use the link and wrap it in img codes instead of sigpic codes
It should look like this:

I did make scouse's sig, he just needs to put it on correctly :p

For yours:
Avvy: 8/10
Sig: 5/10 - There are far to many focals on the sig that all contrast each other. Try and keep it to one focal then you can work the text in on that :)