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Where can I find the world settings for this world?

Many thanks
From Pravda


Here we go Ryan..

All world settings can be found under the forum World Start Information, hope this is helpful.

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Sam the terrible train sender ;)

delighted to announce the opening of UK45 on 18th July 2019 Mid morning

This world will debut the new endgame Age Of Enlightenment (see here)

Speed 1.6
Unit speed 0.625
Noble Coins
Smithy simple
Archers yes
Paladin yes multiple with skills
Bonus Vills Yes
Church No
Watchtower Yes
Stronghold Yes
Choose start Yes
Beginner Protect 4 days
Tribe Limit 25 No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe
Fake Limit 1%
Morale Points/time based
Attack ratio 20:1 for 1st 60 days
Militia yes
Attack/support gap 100ms
Quest system yes
Hauls full with scavenging
Flags Yes
Night Bonus 24:00 - 08:00
This world will use our new Stronghold feature