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why is shaney now the owner of the thread lol?
[gfx]Because he was the first to post in the interviews thread. The system assumes whoever is the first poster is the thread creator, so when I moved all the posts over, his was the first post and therefore he became the thread owner :lol:[/gfx]


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Guys im hoping to do an interview today...ANY VOLUNTEERS?

If you have any questions you'd like asked post them here.
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Jimmy white

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I'm afraid Shane is unable to answer your question Glen, he had a bad accident involving a mincer.

I know where you are CF ;D

I'll do an interview sometime :)


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CF: Tell us a little about yourself, any personal information you’d like to share with us? What if any other hobbies do you partake in?

JIMMY WHITE: sorreh, my dad was annoying me :p
Names Jimbo (hehehe), I'm 16 years old and I live in Sheffield :D I was born in Bath (town, I wasn't born in a bath lol) before moving to La Palma in the Canary Islands for 2.5 years cos my dad got a job at the observatory. Then I came back to Bath for a while, then move to Cambridge for two years, again cos my dad got a job at the uni. Then we moved to sheffield (you'll never guess why) where we've lived ever since. I'm in Y11 doing GCSE's so that doesn't leave me with much spare time, but I manage to find enough time to train for a swimming squad in Ponds Forge called City of Sheffield Swimming Squad. I was pretty good at it at one point, almost getting to a national standard, but I got bored and didn't want to fail school so I dropped down the number of sessions. Now I'm playing tw (what has my life come to :( ) which I started doing sometime around Christmas in 2009, so Uk4 is my first world :)

CF: Yes...Life story FTW!

JIMMY WHITE: Paha, makes a good interview!:p

CF: Sure does,So how did you actually come across TW?

JIMMY WHITE: In ICT, I was playing games (as usual) and one of my friends was playing tw, so he made me an account somewhere on .net. I didn't play it much at first, but I got really bored over the christmas holidays so came to UK4 and a .net world.
.net world flopped so i gave up and carried on here :)

CF: Where your also a flop, I joke :p ...Hows life as the rank 1 player on w4?

JIMMY WHITE: Hahaha, probably :p it's not too bad! quite busy, especially running up to exams, but soon I'll have a co, so I won't have to be on as much :D first nub to rank 1 btw, i'd like that written on my gravestone please

CF: Ill organise it,What happened to Olis? Didnt he co play you?

JIMMY WHITE: Cheers. Yeah, he did for a while. At first he was on a lot, but he dropped off cos he was really busy, and then it got down to as low as once a week or two, so he came to me and resigned. But I should have a new one soon, so all good :D

CF: Lol, I can do it if you want? Anyhoo whats your favourite thing about TW?

JIMMY WHITE: Too late, I've already got one :p and it'd give Shaney even more of an excuse to attack me :p definitely the social side of it, as you've probably guessed. I love talking to people and getting to know them, even if I'll never meet them. But i also enjoy attacking peeps and defending, as long as it's not too much. Don't like it when it deprives me of sleep. I'm not a happy person when I'm tired :p

CF: I sleep way too much :p ..,Is there anything you dislike about the game?

JIMMY WHITE: getting up early, going to bed late, FARMING (EUGH), ego's, people who are online 24/7 and think it's an achievement, people who put tw before rl (or tw is there rl), and you :p
probably more, just can't think :p

CF: Hmm, Ego's I quite like them :D

JIMMY WHITE: (face palm)

CF: Your name is quite unusual for a TW name, whats the reasoning behind it?

JIMMY WHITE: I live in Sheffield, so every year the snooker world championships is on so I heard it there. It's a cool name and.. and.... no, I have no reason hahha

CF: Lol, Whats life like in WET?(the rank 2 tribe:p )

JIMMY WHITE: very good! probably the best tribe I've been in, we have a very good balance between fun and work (... no thats a lie, there is definitely more fun :p), we talk lots of crap and get to know eachother, but it's all good! We get stuff done at the end of the day, as you guys know! :p

CF: How do you see this world war panning out? =FATE= vs WET/Z~P?

JIMMY WHITE: 1337s vs nubs? i honestly don't know! Before you merged with ~UR~, i'd have said nubs, but now it's looking even! Will have to wait a while and see! wbu?

CF: Well imo if =FATE= get their ass in gear we'll win :p ... So what is your most memorable moment on w4 so far?

JIMMY WHITE: That's the problem though isn't it lol. Wow, there are loads hahaha. Bi! disbanding was funny, DRebel was very funny, the scraps with Morning Star and SHERLOCK HOLMES were good times. K54 has been a very good contienent throughout the whole world, probably the most turbulent on W4, so there have been a lot of good moments!

CF: Yup thats true, now something ive been wondering for a while, why are you the only one nobling Sir Jermanium?

JIMMY WHITE: It was a personal war between me and him. We weren't getting on, so we decided to have a fight :p nah, he's going to be my coplayer once we get this hell merge sorted. My nobles luck has been impossibly low haha. Just got to try and get that done before exams, and then we'll have an uber noob account ;D

CF: Oic, the guys in the =FATE= chat want to know who your favourite popstar is? :p

JIMMY WHITE: Hmmm... Rebecca Black, obvs :p can I join =FATE= chat please? :D

CF: lol, mebbe,now a question we all want the answe to...Does Radarr annoy you?

JIMMY WHITE: I think you all know the answer too.... *YES*
a lot haha
CF: lololol, well to finish off the interview what is your favourite colour?

JIMMY WHITE: Pink or purple :D
can I join =FATE= chat now? :D

CF: :O Girly :p
No you cant :D

JIMMY WHITE: Awwwwhh, why?
I wuv fate! :D

CF: Lol, well thanks for the interview (hug)

JIMMY WHITE: no probs :D


Lots of spam and off topic trash before and inbetween, but we got there in the end :lol:

Like we were surprised. lol

JIMMY said right. CF I would love for you to co-play JIMMY. The nobles next door to her are getting fat so hurry up with it so I can get them out of the doors before it's too late.


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Me and Jimmy would make awesome co's, we could spam everyone to death.

It actually took like an hour to start the interview :D

Jimmy white

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We won't post what we were taking about before as it may cause offence. In less you'd like to spend a day sensoring it all CF? :p

Shall we try on UK9? :p

Sir Jermainium

Me and Jimmy would make awesome co's, we could spam everyone to death.

It actually took like an hour to start the interview :D

oh i can spam buddy i'm being nice here, i reckon people in the tribe forums are probably pretty annoyed i turn every topic to spam (sorry about those support threads guys, i know they were important but i couldn't help it xP)


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We won't post what we were taking about before as it may cause offence. In less you'd like to spend a day sensoring it all CF? :p

Shall we try on UK9? :p

That would be a lot of censoring :p

W9 hmmm god knows what will happen there.

Anyway guys feel free to volunteer for next week, but I doubt I'll have a more entertaining interviewee
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Jimmy white

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CF, have you signed up for the massive premade thing by Ruffus and MontyPython?

Hahahahaha, I'm sure they're are lol!