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Sorry guys, unfortunately im really busy :(

But I promise an interview shall be done on Saturday even if I have to interview myself!


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CF: Tell us a little about yourself, any personal information you’d like to share with us? What if any other hobbies do you partake in?

Phlipster - Tolvic: Well my name is Phil and I am currently a student taking my A levels. The plan is to go to Uni to study Architectural Technology, something that I have always been passionate about. Hobby wise apart from tw I do graphic design and also archery when I have the time.
Oh and I'm also a waiter :)

CF: lol, so how did you come across tw and how long have you been playing?

Phlipster - Tolvic: I came across tw via an ad on facebook, which would have to be about 3 1/2 years ago now. Spent a year on w20 .net being the biggest noob ever :p
Still somehow managed to survive 3 months against 5 2 mill players, god knows how I did it!

CF: pure skill? Hmm so what is your favourite part of TW?

Phlipster - Tolvic: pure skill my ass, I knew nothing back then :p

My favourite part of TW would have to be the player interaction. Without it the game is nothing, plus you do get to meet some interesting people :)

CF: and the worst aspects of the game?

Phlipster - Tolvic: Time has to be the worst part, especially when going through education and you hit coursework deadlines and exams. Otherwise there is nothing I dislike about it, sure things could do with being improved, and there will always be something to improve as the gaming industry and technology advances

CF: So tell me about your time on w4? Have you always been in WET?

Phlipster - Tolvic: I started off in a mass recruiting tribe known as Exiles, which was started up by me and some friends from w1. Having had some good relations with WET and DJLS we all decided to merge. Ever since then I have been in WET through the good times and the bad. I even set up a website for us at some point :p

CF: O'rly? Whats it like being in WET? Tell us something that the readers would find interesting

Phlipster - Tolvic: Well you already know how hyperactive Jimmy can be, so there is nothing new there :p
If you didn't already know Redleg is nicknamed the duchess after taking over from Morning Willow. That and we secretly know that he is louie Walsh :p

CF: Louie walsh? Lol, so what has been your most memorable moment on w4 so far?

Phlipster - Tolvic: Most memorable moment on w4? It would have to be the disbandment of Bi!, and what ensued on the externals. I don't think anyone is going to forget that in a hurry :)

CF: How do you see the current world war panning out?

Phlipster - Tolvic: Stalemate until the exams are over really. Then we will see some change as some leave and others become more active. Hopefully the duchess should whip WET off of their asses and get them moving again :p

CF: Or maybe the sleeping giant of =FATE= will awaken:p .. So who is your favourite player on w4 and why?

Phlipster - Tolvic: favourite player on w4.... now that is a hard one :(

I would have to go for heckuvaguy, this is his first time playing TW and he has really thrown himself into it. He is always there if you want someone to talk to, and he always helps out in any way that he can, often gifting people his own villages to help them grow and get closer the frontline.

CF: And who has been your favourite enemy?

Phlipster - Tolvic: Probably fourlegs, his attitude to a few fakes heading his way was hilarious :p

CF: Lol, well to finish off the interview. If you could pick any 3 players to be stranded on an island with who would it be and why?

Phlipster - Tolvic: heckuvaguy - great guy, always up for a laugh
Morning Willow (marsha) - great friend always there for you
Kimmy C - great players to be with and always up for a laugh :)

CF: well thanks for the interview :)

Phlipster - Tolvic: no problem, I had better fix that sig for you :)