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How about constant mails like this from him?


Don't hide certain mails and there is way more. Want to see the ones where he wanted an invite?


I'm not in PR PR! or WOTW but thanks for that information because it begs the question of why - if this was all pre-planned the Kraken did join WOTW a tribe fighting you first? This was your plan you say?
well I was talking about smile members :D


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How does it feel to break diplomacy without keeping to the agreed terms?
Or even courtesy to message at all but instead send sneaky nobles?
Good luck next world. PR can be officially assumed to be wiped out in matter of time.

The main problem with your clever tactics is that it only works on day 1
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Noone is whining dude. You just shown the world how weak you are if you need that type of plays. I would like to say we will talk in a week, but honestly I don't think anyone would like to talk with you at all.

Shots fired, ooooooof, I see some of my nieghbours have jumped from PR.
Can't blame them. I wouldn't want to be part of such a sausage show :p


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I would sum up current events as premature ejaculation

Surely that strategy could of worked if PR had enough trains to slurp up whole of their neighborhood in one go. Instead you launched before having required capacity to have a chance for this to work.
Surely PR managed to secure some caps taking advantage of surprise.
Now their nukes are melting one after another. Question is do they actually have enough defence to withstand now? :)

Thing is 2+2=4 not 40 or whatever PR's calculations were and if they even thought it through first.
some people are just dumb and that can't be helped. This thread can be closed I guess as PR will be not for long.

Good luck next worlds
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